The Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge

Red Hook Left 9.04


Star and Bow 4:41

Star and Bow 7.20


Cow Color Stripes 7.06


Cow Color Stripes 5:07

Best wishes for 2022 :four_leaf_clover: :cocktail:

Kebab Sign Roof 6.20

Cheers Mr. P And may the New Year bring all you hope for.


Kebab Sign Roof 4:55

Phlomis Fruticosa Bud 4:33

Phlomis Fruticosa Bud 7.35


Small Fishing Boat 4:43

Small Fishing Boat 7.22


Cactus 18 Spikes 5:03

Cactus 18 Spikes 9.06


Piste Bully 5:08

Piste Bully 7.44


Fruit Salad 4:40

Greek Columns 4:20

Watertight Door Lock 5:28

JigZone Jigsaw Puzzles

I still enjoy doing Ploppy’s jigsaws, seems like I’m the only one who does though?
You can alter the number of pieces to as few as you want, and choose what shapes you want too.

Where is our Mr. Ploppy anyway? Another one we haven’t seen for ages.
Hope you’re alright if you’re looking in, Plops. :smiley:

I did try to play it when it was going on, but I’m not a fan of competitive puzzles, it gets me flustered and I end up being slower than ever! Neither of them have been seen for ages, it appears - I do hope they are both ok.

Have you tried this site, Mups?

(Don’t know why the link isn’t in English…the site is)