Stonehenge vandalised by climate protestors

I wonder how they travelled there?


Like this


This makes another incident in the long list of foolish choices when trying to make a valid point…discouraging.


I would spray paint the idiots.


From what I saw on the News, the protesters made sure they used a substance would be easily washed off by the rain - was it a mixture of cornflour and water with some water soluble orange dye?

I still don’t condone spraying ancient monuments or paintings or works of art, in the way that the Just Stop Oil Protesters do.
I empathise with their feelings and their message but I think their methods of protest are too anti-social and they are more likely to turn a lot of people away from supporting them.


Maybe taking them to meet a D-Day veteran, who witnessed what thousands sacrificed, suffered fighting for the country, would elicit a little contrition.


Good on them - tho it’s sad people are missing the point - the point is monuments/art are no good to us if humanity ceases to exist.

Well done the younger generation for understanding tho:

Shame on the scumbags Sunak and Starmer:

Humanity is doomed unless more people wake up.

Except the mixture has damaged the lichen which is on the stones and which actually helps protect them. It is also thought the substance could also cause some environmental damage if washed into the ground. These “protesters” didn’t make even the basic investigations into what they were doing. They are doing nothing for their cause - merely turning the public against them.

There is actually a theory (not one I subscribe to) that they are funded by the oil industry as a way of setting the public against any cut back on the use of fossil fuels!!


Wars are the result of a lack of respect and tolerance, political and religious.
Vandalisation is nonsensical trashing.

Ordinary people cannot stop lunatic leaders creating problems which leads to conflict. We can condemn the actions of people who are sanctimonious snobs.

Climate protesters, tarred and feathered.


Humanity is doomed because we never learn from mistakes. Ignore fact, or deny history because it does not fit the agenda.


However they got to Stonehenge, they would have to have used transport that used oil in some form, unless of course they rode horses or had a horse drawn carriage to get there. Rather makes a mockery of their protest doesn’t it. :unamused:


Azz, ‘tho’ another woke irritation, though I understand. :smile:

Personally, I would find out where they live and paint their houses, or their parents houses. Had I been younger I would have tracked them down with my paint and brushes…
A sort of ‘Warrior for the Working Classes’…

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Foxy, just like me, you have no political representation anymore, because we have been forced into middleclassness yes? :grin:

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People spray paint their pets in bright colours, not sure it is safe for the animals though.

A sad fact, for most.

Nobody wants to take that leap of faith and vote for Farage Spitty…

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She needs a damn good spanking…

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