Small talk thread

I thought it was the spin-dryer that was shrinking my clothes
the doctor reckons its the fridge

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Time for the days first dog walk out on the common. Less mud, more frozen ground, means less sinking but more ankle twisting.

Just twist and shout :guitar: :notes:

Everybody’s doin’ a brand-new dance, now
Come on baby, do the Loco-motion :notes: :guitar:

like we did last summer, erm…summer ???

As I expected, dry but fffffffreezing!

brass monkey?

Mr Frosty

the beast from the east

The Beast from The Chase.

where does the saying he made a bee-line for…whatever, come from?

Not sure where to put this. It can be a conversation starter, I guess. I like this person’s room. It’s titled: Got a plant.

Wow! someone has some lungs!

or a compressor

Who nicked the ceiling rose?

You have no ceiling? and who is Rose?

Might bake a pie later…

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should i put me coat on

Just taken mine off after last walk of the day. It’s bloomin’ cold out there.