Sir Clive Sinclair dies

Sir Clive Sinclair was a true entrepreneur. A true pioneer of home computing.
I had a Spectrum 48K back in the old days.
RIP Sir Clive.


Didn’t he also invent a very strange car? R.I.P Sir Clive.

That he did. The Sinclair C5. Battery operated.
But not a great success story.


I thought I hadn’t made it up - thank you!

One of Sir Clives adverts from a Radio magazine, October 1965. This was how he started, making & selling radio kits.

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My pleasure dear lady.
I just kinda like technical things thine that. The engineer in me, I know.

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Indeed not but invented well before the likes of Musk’s Tesla.

But long before other EVs.
And actually Musk’s Tesla was not really invented. Developed is more like it.


A brilliant man.

The first usable electric vehicles actually date back to the mid 1800’s. So over 100 years before Sir Clives C5. And electric vehicles continued to be produced though out the intervening period.

Henney an American manufacturer of ambulances & hearses produced the Kilowatt back in 1959, it was a modified Renault.


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Could I have one of those please and thank you?