Sean Lock has died

Not a particular favourite bad a sad loss for all that.

Sad news … a naturally funny man … :slightly_frowning_face:

This is so sad, apparently it was a battle with cancer that killed him!

I am sure he won’t mind if I use this thread to say that half of us will get cancer ( I have had it & survived) & remind you all that the sooner they catch it the more chance there is of surviving.
I am asking all of you not to delay seeing a doctor if you notice a lump anywhere, or any changes in your bodily functions. It isn’t always bad news, but when it is, nothing is more important than getting rid of it. Especially you men, as records show that many of you don’t get there soon enough… and we dont want to lose any of you !

I’ve had it and beat it, what was his cancer battle is it known, I see he once had skin cancer.

Sorry I don’t know what sort of cancer it was but I am glad that you managed to beat it!

I learned a lot about cancer as I was treated at a cancer specialist hospital, where everybody had cancer…so if anybody has questions or worries, let me know via PM and I will send you my phone number or e mail if you need help or to talk!

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I was just reading about this.
Very sad news and a reminder that even though I too have beaten cancer it still kills far too many.

Very Sad and sorry to hear that news. So Young.

Our family seemed fairly Cancer free, except for one Aunt who had breast cancer in the 50’s but lived to a ripe old age…

Recent years though, has changed all that.

Close ones only mentioned here… Husband, Daughter, late Dad,late Father in Law, Sister and Brother in Law.
all have survived, except my Dad and Father in Law.

It seems more families are suffering similar increases of the incidence’s of Cancer.

I remember 2 or 3 years ago, he hadn’t been on 8 out of 10 cats for some time, when he did come back, his hair looked as if it was just growing back, and he didn’t look too well, he might well have had chemo at the time, god bless him

Yes they are, and less donations are being received, thanks to Covid restrictions… so the treatments are not being updated as quickly as they were! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Sad news indeed. Some of the things that came out with made me laugh.

yes one of our favourite shows in OZ and I in particular just took to his quiet but great sense of humour - condolences from OZ

One of the few in his generation of comics that I actually found to be funny. RIP Sean.

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So sad I liked Sean


Not a fan, but sad news all the same.

Oh no! RIP Sean
We are not too keen on most modern comedians but we both liked him a lot.

I found out via a tribute on YouTube this morning. He was very funny with a very quick humour

Sorry to say I have never heard of him. maybe he appeared on programs I never watch or summit.

This might help jog your memory:

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No got not a clue about him or that picture was he something to do with hunting rhinos then and possibly killing them? As I said never heard of him


Not surprised at all realspeed.