Say Something Random

It takes two to Tango

Bouncy bouncy

milk shake? want fries with that?

Snowing several inches outside. Can’t wait to build a snowman!

only frostie out there

Snowmen are always smiling because the are no snowwomen about

No Snowwomen no cry :guitar: :notes: :grin:

No snowwomen, maybe no cry but no adventure, curiosity, surprises, delights, and genuine pleasure! :grin:

A Snowman doesn’t want his heart melted :icon_wink:

Or his Snowballs for that matter :smiley:

Most people have heard of Karl Marx, but few know of his sister Onya, an Olympic runner. Her name is still mentioned at the start of every race.

steady, go!!

She stumbled at the very first hurdle.

The starting gun fires blanks, that has to be good.

That can come with age too.

Tater water?

spud gun



wheel of fortune

Soldier of Fortune :guitar: :notes: