Say Something Random


60 years! OMG That’s two life sentences.

you can do it Ez

I think he did it!

He will have done…at 2.30 this afternoon.
Still time to back out. :innocent:

could be a not guilty

Not entirely Your M’ Lud

True, 31° in the shade, sod exercising, that way madness lies :crazy_face::exploding_head::hot_face:

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thar she blows

I wish the wind would blow - some cool air would be good!

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Helping my neighbour today, with her garden…:heartpulse:…all in the name of LOVE!

Anniversary yesterday, Funeral today.

Finished my friends gardening, phew it’s a hot day!


(bot not happy with that)

BOT rytis

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Grey mould

Sorry Morti I guess it’s my age,

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I Love how the Americans make their cake frosting, yum ,yum and yum again…

Many of them are excellent bakers.:+1:

Two classic Magnums is piggery … three is sheer bliss.