Say Something Random

You take the high road and i’ll stay at home in the warm.

Lone star, maybe that is it?

it sure is, damn!!

Could this be the heaven and the hell is to follow? Thought for today.

Done six on the trot, without really trying. :grin:


Has Pauline left the building?

Elvis has left the building

Shrines, so what!


use yer thumbs

Yellow Pages

Pauline gone walkies ?

She might have found her calling!

Funny ain’t it, you now need to remember your Pin Number to be able to get your hands on your “Pin Money” :laughing: :boxing_glove: :icon_wink:

Can you hear me Muther?

Do you know, the Pianos on my foot?

You hum it, i’ll pick it up.

Mornin All. :icon_wink:

…and it’s a good morning from me…