Say something boring

Meanwhile a further four days later…

Here we go

And they’re off,

drop 'em blossom

is it time

For the Moon to come out?, Farage has done it, apparently :grin:

I always said that man was an R Sole

dog eat dog

Hot dogs

“Sausage” Dog

I bought a new Hoo…Oops… Vacuum Cleaner.

I bought a packet of Hoola Hoops, a catering pack.

Who do Hula Hoops cater for :confused:

Its dark outside, it maybe raining, it maybe not, ignorance is bliss.

its a faffa day

No its not! Faffaday follows Friday.

I will most probably go out for a coffee and scone this morning.
Come on now own up, who gives a sh…damn?

You do, obviously.

I’m off to do some work, I hope it’s really boring.

Work? Oh yeah I remember that word.