Say something boring

In England?? I’ll keep my hat on.

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I know you do ‘‘Dahling’’ keep it our little wicked secret though… :clown_face:

It was Doris Day who sang about my Secret Love :grinning:

You will have to cope without me again this weekend, how’s you coping mechanism :grin:

Still in the repair shop.

Time to throw the bike in the van, that sounds so good, freedom :laughing:

Free beer makes the heart grow fonder

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just took that pic with the phone…mine acoustic his electric…both of us play real bad though…

This one has not had much use

I’m rubbish at guitars but have released a few dozen dance tracks from my humble studio

That looks impressive!

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It’s ok for me but some dudes have £200k worth of kit and are ordinary dudes, not even had a track signed. I am endlessly amazed how they accumulate such equipment in a seemingly casual manner with no concern for the outlay?

Just been reminding myself about the origins of the Mellotron, a most influential piece of kit and produced locally.

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This was before the Prog Rock guys got hold of it

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The 8000btu room AC arrived just in time to cool me off. Yea. … :rofl:

My AC unit is blowing on me at the moment.

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The answer is blowin in the wind

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thats a howler

Its just a Breeze

An 80 mile drive coming up today plus an 80 mile drive back. Guess what, I really can’t be bovvered but it has to be done.

160 mile round trip that is