Say something boring

Mainstream has changed SOS!

plug it in, switch it on

Light the blue touch paper and retire immediately.
I did just that but my boss wasn’t happy.

Had 25 years Bossless, zero bullshit, life’s good!!

Bossless? But I thought you were married. My mistake.

There are no Bosses when folks share a financial interest.

These spreadsheets won’t update themselves.

Ahh but do they spread themselves??

There was no AI involved in the creation of these spreadsheets!!!

So no Alien Assistance then

Not yet.

Nice Canoe!!

Shame about the “Boat Race”


Bring back capital punishment!

Just thrown the bike in the back of the van, bit of graft, bit of cruising.

My bike is now on rollers due to the inclement weather.

Went to three different locations today EZ, for short hops I don’t bother strapping the bike into the restraint anymore, I just throw it in :grin:

That bike looks tough enough to withstand almost anything.



cough !!