Say something boring

Don’t be so negative, look on the “Bright” side

Do they still exist? I guess so if you don’t turn the telly on or read the newspapers.

You can lead a Geezer to the Telly, but you can’t make him listen :icon_wink:

you can turn the tele on, it may not make sense

It don’t have to make sense.

i don’t do sense

…or sensibility?

3am this morning and I’m woken up by an Ambulance outside and two medics standing there. They had a call from an elderly lady with badly swollen legs. Clearly it was the wrong address but it gave the dogs something new to bark at. Deep joy!!

That was me pretending to be the old lady with swollen legs, you will laugh about the wind up later on EZ :grin:

Something boring

something very boring

This needs thinking about, tough proposition for an ex thinker.

i just thunk, and it IS boring

Try removing the batteries, It defo stopped my weird thoughts.

i like weird thoughts, in fact one has just arrived

Didn’t win the Lottery again, no Faffing here for the foreseeable.

No early retirement then.

Its probably for the best

You would find it boring anyway.

I know, I need protecting from myself :icon_wink: