RIP Keira Fitzpatrick

Prof Noel must be devastated that his loyal companion of 14 years has sadly passed away. Not known if it was because of injuries received from her car accident a year ago, or something unrelated.

My heart goes out to him. I can’t get out of my mind, seeing his sob during a special edition of his show, when he told the tale of the accident and how the team helped to save her.

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@Jazzi Aw poor little Keira, she was such a good friend to Professor Noel :icon_sad:
I remember that episode Jazzi it was difficult to watch…

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I thought you were talking about his wife .

That’s terrible news but thank you for the information, Noel will be devistated. Noel hasn’t got a wife, I was thinking about his mother. Just googled it, it was from the accident but was recovering well.