RIP Benjamin-Zephaniah

Benjamin-Zephaniah, the poet, has died, aged 65

An amazing man with an incredible mind. We were only talking on here about him and the white poppy a couple of days ago

May he rest in peace


And evil old money grabbing bastards seem to live for ever!

“Me, OBE? Whoever is behind this offer can never have read any of my work. Why don’t they just give me some of those great African works of art that were taken in the name of the empire and let me return them to their rightful place? You can’t fool me, Mr Blair. You want to privatise us all; you want to send us to war. You stay silent when we need you to speak for us, preferring to be the voice of the US. You have lied to us, and you continue to lie to us, and you have poured the working-class dream of a fair, compassionate, caring society down the dirty drain of empire. Stick it, Mr Blair - and Mrs Queen, stop going on about the empire. Let’s do something else.”


Another great man gone too soon , very sad news.


Yes, all difference is disappearing.