Queues at Dover

Well ,said Foxy!


@Muddy, Yeah the French had the right idea! But a good few escaped !!
And unfortunately after a revolution the new leaders try to establish
themselves as a new aristocracy via the bureaucracy they install ?
So it seems we can never get rid of priviledge ??
Cromwell had a good go in england but died before he could complete
the job !! :grin::grin::+1::+1:

@Bruce , Yebbut, Vietnam used be under the French colonial yoke didnt
they , maybe theres some resentment there Brucy ??
Obviouly you think a federal state is preferrable because you live in one!
You didnt have one imposed on you !!

Gosh, Assman, a reply from you that actually makes sense. I will have to take a moment to savour this breakthrough :+1: :+1:

@Bruce ,. Me too !!

True, but Parliament wanted to make him King which he refused and settled on Lord Protector instead.

As for the French not liking us, I find that too much of a generalisation. Your average man/woman in the street type of French do like us, especially if we have a go at speaking to them in French (even if we do marmalise it). However, IMHO, it’s their Government and Civil Service types that are anti-British.

@Percy_Vere , Thats almost exactly what l said earlier Percy !!:grin::grin:

Why did de Gaulle Hate UK?

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In the 1960s, he vetoed Britain’s application to join the EEC, the forerunner of the European Union. ‘England is insular,’ he said firmly, basically suggesting that the UK’s ‘maritime”’ culture as an island nation meant it wasn’t REALLY European and would never fit properly into the great European project.

Charles De Gaulle’s words from 60 years ago.

Replace the word UK with the word England and you have it spot on

de Gaulle was treated like shit by Churchill during the war hence his antagonism toward the UK.

throughout all my insular years I have never felt European?? = now I have dual nationality I do feel both

I agree. It is amazing that the French responded to our chaos with no arguments. A pity we had not foreseen the inevitable and organised it a bit earlier. We love to blame the French for OUR BREXIT but this is what the country voted for so why not shut up and live with the decision. I am called a ‘Remoaner’ what is the collective term for a Whining BREXIT supporter?

@Socrates , Yeah, if only you lot would let us !!
Perhaps collective term for us should be “democrats” !!

@Bruce , " treated like shit by churchill"
And you know this because ??

I’ll leave you to investigate that but here is a start

@Bruce , Sorry, l font recognize your source Brucy,mtry again ??

“If only you lot would let us”? I understand how sensitive you are and how criticism of Brexit upsets your whole day. That is clear. But it is inaccurate to claim that Brexit is in some way being prevented by people who did not vote leave. I know you personally would want an even harder Brexit than has happened - but objective observers note that we have been given quite a hard Brexit. And no-one is stopping that Brexit, simply pointing out its short-comings. It exists, it is created problems, no-one is able to show meaningful & tangible benefits but nonetheless is there for us all to get on with.
The collective term for everyone, which ever way they voted, is democrats. See above notes on Brexit being allowed to happen. There has been no storming of parliament. There has been very few protests. Certainly no direct action against Brexit. We all democratically living with the vote and the resulting Brexit. You are living with and I am living with it. Although, it being a democracy, I am able to share criticisms of Brexit. That is democratic too.
And before the thought crosses your mind, you cannot call those who voted leave the ‘winners’. I understand the desire to split the country into winners & losers the day after the referendum. But we are many years on from that and living with Brexit. So if you claim that Brexit is a rip roaring success then we are all winners - we are all reaping the benefits of Brexit. Or, rather, as this hard Brexit that we have is not actually creating benefits, so we are all losers. The whole country are losers and poorer for it. That is a more apt description.


You should try writing in English Assman.

@Bruce,. Ooooer ! You are right Brucy, couldnt find me stylus !!

Very well put.

I’ve just returned from a weekend in Europe. The only dampener being delays in getting out of the UK and delays getting back into the UK due to a) a lack of baggage handlers and b) a lack of groundstaff, (both problems in the Uk & clearly caused by a brexit lack of unskilled labour). No probs at the other end. Overheard the UK airport described as a “circus” abroad. .

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