Prince Harry stigma over visa application

Would he be deported, he might if Trump wins election. Would he wish to return to UK?


I’m not sure, but if he returned with that …erm, that harridan of a woman who stole him away, then I foresee much booing and downright well-earned disrespect🤬


He could move back to Canada with her.

No reason for them to come back here.


Just Checking.
With wife Cruella and Son Archie. Both born in the US.
Doesn’t that give him rights, to become a US Citizen ?

Not if he is a self confessed drug user.

Thanks. Didn’t know that.

I haven’t read it, but I was told he confesses in his book, ‘Spare’, where he refers to his recreational drug taking :open_mouth:

Someone needs to break the news to him that he’s just another California tourist, so no one cares one way or the other.


If everyone else’s Visa Applications and relevant documents are private and not available to the public, then the same rules should apply to Prince Harry.
There should be no public discussion about it.
There should not even be a court case about it - the group who are trying to force Harry’s private data into the public arena obviously have an agenda and they should not have been able to bring this into a public court, in my opinion.


Hi, Boot!

I smarted off, but legally Harry, is afforded the same general protections under the Constitution. If privacy is afforded to all applicants, it should be afforded to Harry.

However, equal rights afforded Harry also make him equally responsible under the law. If he has broken laws that would make any other person subject to penalties or deportation, then he should be subject to and abide by those as well.

(Should he be deported, I would be in favor of a two-for-one by sending James Cordon along with him.

Oops, there I go again :smile:.)

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I cant see any reason why these should be made public - if that isnt the norm for everyone else

I dont think he would want to move back to UK - would you want to move somewhere where your wife is vilified at every turn?

and if his family is settled where they are. of course he would want t o stay with them

But as usual some people will try to make this into a bigger deal than it is .


It is nice to see someone else seems to share my thoughts…exactly!

Let this couple make their own way wherever they choose to raise their family. Harry loves his wife. His wife loves him. Using the comments here as a short survey, Harry is thought to be a wimp, led astray by a terrible, clever witch, why ever would he choose to go back to England where folks will forever look down their nose at him?

Seems many forgot Harry was wild, willful, and sowing wild oats long before the witch got her hooks into him. Perhaps it is a match made by both? Go figure…

In any case, I join many who only wish them well. On this side of the pond.


The word on the block is >> Last seen in Calais.
Wearing a swimming costume. :thinking: