Political Reform - what would be your preferred voting system?

My brother is always complaining that Scotland, Wales and Ireland have their own Parliaments but England doesn’t, it being ruled solely by Westminster where representatives from Scotland, Wales and Ireland also have a say.

Perhaps the UK could benefit from a Commonwealth system like Australia where the States rule themselves and the Federal Parliament deals only with issues laid out in the Constitution such as Immigration, taxation, defence etc as laid out in Part V of the constitution

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On a personnel statement by very good friends that have lived in Australia for many years.
…As a young family two of their children suffered being Bullied at Junior level school…The wife being the Mother and emotionally involved with this situation went and visited the School…Apparently these days with changing views of what they class as locals which are the off springs of the Aborigines… are some of the locals now where they where living in Perth . And why not…you have to expect some bullying to occur to foreigners… as yourself, she was informed!..now is that normal in Australia …sure all people have rights to live and breathe in their own Country, but is this the changes that can affect everyday life in Australia now, then moving into Politics is that also how blinkered the world is becoming about rights and actions of everyday people…put up with stuff or wot?

I agree, afterall Remainers argued that a 52% majority was not a mandate and needed a re-run.

Labour will get around 35% at most. Is that a mandate?

We need PR and also to do as Norwegians and Swiss do, referenda to decide important matters

This begs the question, can the vetters be trusted? I think not. In the UK we have fact checkers who are hideously biased, eg not being as rigorous when dealing with claims from progressives / using flawed information such as studies carried out by naive left wing students who have never experienced the real world

Local groups are

Local groups do there best. They organize town meetings and invite candidates to put their feet to the fire on policy plans. I am no babe in the woods though, and understand that the PACs and lobbies wield the most power.

Its good agree but such a pity that you blithely ignored my “a lot less than 50%”. Or is 2% a lot less in your opinion. Gaining 48% of the total vote is getting quite close to a decent share. And for a referendum on a very major issue then typically 55%+ is viewed as a minimum.

None of that negates the conclusion a far smaller than 52% share for Labour, could well be argued to be not a mandate, using Remainers logic. Note I do not agree with such logic persee.

Labour Wales shows us how badly Labour runs things for more spending per capita, but alas the sheep are voting Labour on the grounds ‘they can’t be any worse’.

Labour Wales demonstrates they can be worse but hey ho, muppets gonna muppet.

RETIREES ON HERE, Labour will come for you as never before

Here ends the broadcast on behalf of the Reform party / Tory party.
Strewth, make it less obvious matey

Political Reform - what would be your preferred voting system?

Nigel Farage coalitioning with left, right or anyone who’ll have him.