Over 50's Club Scotland

Good afternoon all. Lovely day up here. Hope you don’t have too long to wait to get your cataract ops May. £8000 is a lot of money. I had both of mine done quite a while ago. Made a big difference.

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Hi May, Good to see you back. :blush:

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Thanks Scot,it certainly is a lot of money,much more than I anticipated so I’ll hang on a while longer,x

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Ta Rox,I’ve missed You all :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: x


Long time since I have been on this thread.

It was my intention to travel to Scotland and hopefully meet up with members and possibly catch some Salmon and go out on a boat sea fishing.

Sadly this is not going to happen now.

I have to stay close to a Hospital at all times.

I still follow all your posts and you are funny and lovely people.

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Always lovely to see You here SF :wink:

Great to see you back May.
Lovely day here. Went to the chiropodist this morning. Then a bit of shopping in Hamilton. Though not a lot of shops left.
Daughter SIL and grandchildren coming tonight for dinner so will be busy.
Have a great weekend everyone

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Good to see you posting May, your doing the right thing going to the NHS, after all you’ve paid into for years. Had my feet done and bought a new pair of shoes. Hi S.F, sorry you wont make it to Scotland.

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Aye You’re right Jessie,My dear Auld coalminer Dad would turn in His grave :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I also don’t like the looks of Me without specs on as I can see
the bags under My eyes more without them :roll_eyes:

Good morning, was supposed to be meeting up with the Social group to go to Millport. Its raining here so I’m not going. Got things to do around here that I’ve been neglecting. May I get a fright when I look in the mirror. Go for a holiday after the op and just relax.

Morning, Just back from thewoods with The Hairy One and enjoying my first coffee of the day, while himself’s flaked out on his couch. Nothing much planned for today, just work around the house and garden.

Good morning Each,bucketing doon here at the moment so glad I got the grass cut yesterday when it was sunny and quite warm…Suffering a bit with hayfever last night and itchy runny eyes,so just as well I’m not getting the eye op’ on Wednesday as They warn You to stay clear of pollen so I guess that would mean staying indoors all Summer!!
Have a good Sunday Folks whatever You’re all doing,x

Good afternoon going up to my daughter’s to look after my Grandson as my Granddaughter is going to a birthday party and my SIL is going away for a week with his job.
Enjoy your Sunday x

Afternoon Folks,did a wee bit o’ weeding before the rain started again so back in for a coffee & cake,
Daughter & SIL just left and as She booked wed’/thurs’
off from work to go with Me for the op’,We now will go
gallivanting into Town to splash some cash instead,
She’s a happy wee bunny, :grin:
Enjoy Your Baby sitting Jean,it’s a long long time
since I did any…Why do They have to grow up! :smiley:

Good on you May! Have a wee spree instead of paying for what you are well due on the NHS!
Back home Wee James was a good boy seemed very happy. Hard on my old knees as he is not trained and have to kneel to change him. He still doesn’t say a word but he was out on his trampoline and his chute and we went a wee walk to the shop where he always gets caramel shortbread!
Supposed to be having stew for dinner but unexpected guests yesterday meant didn’t have time to cook it. Like to cook it at a peep for ages. So fish and chips tonight and stew tomorrow.
Enjoy your evening everyone.

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May enjoy your shopping spree with your daughter. Bonnie its a long time since I babysat, the last time I was watching Elsie, while Jennifer was having a shower. She only wanted me to go in her Wendy house. We changed our minds about going to Millport, we went to one of the local pubs for lunch.

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Good morning Each,wet n windy one here so did an online grocery shop which will be delivered between 8-10, a stay at Home day for Me to catch up on housework/ironing,
Have a good Monday all.x

Good morning. Weather is the same here today, have a bill to pay then I’ll have to start getting things ready for my holidays on Saturday.

Morning, My teeth are chattering with the cold. It’s more like February than May. We haven’t got the rain yet but it’s not far away, been rushing to get the outside stuff done before it arrives.
Just a quiet afternoon planned in front of the fire, and my audio book.

Good morning Each,a bright sunny one here so have the washing out on the line then a walk to the co-op for rolls for breakfast,…Hope it’s warmer up Your way today Rox,
have a good one Folks.x