Last to post wins (Part 3)

Got both phones patched into the Moho yesterday, that is why you have Kids nowadays, but we run out of time for the WIFI sim cards to register so, we have to get the tech kid back in this morning.

All part of the ageing process sadly.

Yes, it can take years to become the “Full Blown” luddite package :grin:

good morning, you fit and well again spitty

Plenty rain here thanks to Kathleen, wind hasn’t been too bad, no damage

Mornin All, still got some stuff on my chest that is refusing to move but, apart from that ok, this is the fifth day of antibiotics so we will see, my sunny disposition is at about 75% :smile:

I still have some stuff on my mind but no amount of meds will stop that sadly.

Its good to have something to think about :icon_wink:

or even somethink to thing about.

Finking is a double edged sword.

Thinking hurts the brain, i thunked yesterday and got a bad head

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Why is it some people, in fact most people, change the G in the word Something to a K making it Somethink also leave most of thr Ts in Tattoos making it Taoos? Wha’s that all about?

HUH?!? This thread is too deep for me…

Oh well, you can’t win 'em all. :wink:

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Even Jacques Cousteau found this stuff a bit deep!!!

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good morning, and more rain, Cousteau weather you could say

Mornin All, normal business will be interrupted today without the van, but, we will overcome, we are nothing if not resourceful :grin: problems are challenges :teacher:

You can’t beat a good challenge I always say. In fact I say it so often it should be on the boring page.

good morning, much cooler and more rain for the day

its haircut day for me and mrs M, then some plan B’s

Did tax return yesterday, not sure how to top that experience today.

A definite highlight to your week.