Last to post wins (Part 3)

Shan’t be going to Cornwall.

one man went to Mo Ho!

gardener in for the day, i’ll do the brewing

Mornin All, still croaky, couple of days to go, to visiting the wild frontier :grin:

When a mans got to Moho, he’s got to Moho

good morning and rain again, when will it end

Mornin All, croaky still, when will it end?

Friday week probably.

Up at 1.30am with sore throat.

What time does your sore throat normally get up?

Its usually a Tin Anniversary

Good old Heinz

good morning and dry at the moment but it aint gonna stay that way izzit

will do morning walkies anyways

Mornin All. bad night again gonna have to push departure back by a day.

Mornings each and every. Woke up this morning to the mother of all downpours which made dog walk 1 of the days 3 a little soggy to say the least.

good morning, and the down pours are here, Kathleen is on her way

Mornin All, the dampness prevails, its much of a muchness.

22c tomorrow? Any bets?

good morning and should i get me shorts out

no sign of Kathleen albeit the tops of the trees are swaying

Mornin All, you know its bad when the bottom of the trees start swaying!!! gotta get the mind right today, got some stuff to do!

A day of both leisure and pleasure along with my treasure plus a little gardening for good measure.