Last to post wins (Part 3)

I honestly think that deep down I realised it was never gonna happen…till now.

Just stop thinking, simples!

yes stop thinking, save the brain, you might need it some day

good morning and its not raining, so early walkies and some admin to do

Mornin All, Max, will that admin involve spreadsheets?
I don’t think I am, therefore I’m not, its good to Get Knotted.

can’t wake up in the morning without a spreadsheet

I always have a spreadsheet open in the background, they are very useful to see what’s been happening, year on year, this day last year we used £4.14 worth of Leccy and £5.27 worth of Gas and I weighed 81.7 Kgs :grin:

now thats worth waking up for, innit

Let yer know when I’ve done todays readings

Yep, definitely worth getting up £2.49 Leccy and £4.07 Gas, and 80.4 Kgs win win win :laughing:

Everyone’s a winner baby, that’s the truth.

You can only know you are a winner, if you have a well established spreadsheet with lots of data!!

The only spreadsheet I’m interested in is the sheet I’m about to spread over my naked body …and no I’m not dead! :grinning:

Its Ok to be “None” numerical, you are not alone"

" The whole is greater than the sum of the parts" I always say. Well not that often but it was the first time today.

You have to think to do “Sums”, that is a no, no.

Wholes are no longer important.

even bits and pieces will do for me, never mind wholes

good morning, looks like a wet one all day, not sure where that goes on me spreadsheet
ah!! yes, bottom left under “whatsits”

A crowd turned up at the “Goodnight” thread so, I’ll say Goodnight All from here :grin:

good morning and wet again but promises of a few dry spots, just spots mind

Mrs M’s brother, who lives in Norway is visiting us for the day, on his travels around NW England

Mornin All, today is promising to be less frantic than yesterday, if one was a Faffer, one might have time for a short Faff, never say never.