Last to post wins (Part 3)

What size hook wilI need?

A blunt one

What about the breaking strain of the line?

too much whataboutery

Dinghy’s are lighter than air!!!

They’re full of Puff!

“Terys” are good for you

Towelling Nappies?

EZ, you are Flanneling

good morning, looks like a drizzley day, could do with a good drizzle, could combine it with a faff and get a fizzle

Mornin, I’m just hoping the Chancellor is going to do something about the weather today!

weather or not, what about the new MOHO tax :wink:

He can Bugger Off

take from the rich, take more from the poor

We’re all doomed.

always have always will

so who’s in charge of our doomdon

I vote for EZ!

Mornin, Thursday, it don’t feel like Doomsday but who knows? never read the Doomsday Book! Lets just get on with it, You know it makes Census :laughing:

good morning all fellow lasters and the others, looks dry early walkies methinks along the prom tiddly, and a latte and kit kat at the cafff, no faff

order a flat white, goes well with faff, I imagine,