Last to post wins (Part 3)

Not a snowballs chance in hell. Wouldn’t be seen dead in it. (Unless it gets converted into a hearse)

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:rofl: Any Conversion of that type can be done for Free…No worries …easy done!
In your case you might have to be folded instead of laid out though!..

That piccie looks so much like me first thing in the mornings. Good for the core health and six pack.

And you can get it all IN that rather 'Especial Vehicle…
did you see the Air Con Easypushover>?

oh dear was that you Test Driving it Easypusover? :oncoming_police_car:

Well, I’m glad this day is over…I’ll take another stab at it tomorrow :100:

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I’ve not done my charity run yet!

Oh well, another weekend to plan, here we go!

A Bird with a plan, that’s good!

disaster…not good

Going to bed with a burning sensation never ends happy.

Mornin All, ere we go ere we go ere we go, is everyone pumped today???

Hopefully so. I am up to £600 so far and still around three weeks before the run (limp) All donations are going to CRUK. One in every two of us will get Cancer in one of it’s many forms during our life time. We have to find a cure.

I am relaxing with a bottle of beer, my feet elevated, after a tiring day. Trying to catch up with myself


Two whole days off after tomorrow.

Excited! :partying_face:

G’night :sleeping:

I am the last to post! Yayy!!

For the moment.


Hello EZ and the other vagabond scoundrels who come wandering in…finally finished work, and have two juicy days to call my own.

So excited I can hardly wait…even if it does mean I’ll be catching up on chores most likely, and not going anywhere hot ‘n’ sunny.