Last to post wins (Part 3)

Mornin All, Vans done, one bit of turmoil dealt with, yippee :smile:

good morning, and dry at the moment, rain laters so they say

apparently Elsie didn’t do it, so they say

What’s it all about, Elsie

Morningz all. Stitches come out today. Ouch! Ouch! and thrice Ouch!

is Elsie the new Alfie.

What’s that all about??

Mornin All, today looks a bit better, got to get into Faff mode for the weekend.

good morning faffers an all

looks like a tek it easy day, innit

See Max, ov embraced the Faff, nothing if not adaptable :grin:

jack of all trades

Master of none

Mistress of several

good morning and its a bright one, walkies then car wash methinks, maybe a drive out to the coast after lunch, sometimes its hard to think of something to do, innit

So much to do, so little time.

Spitty seems to magic time from somewhere, away again isnt he, think he keeps spare time in the back of his van

Should he not be slowing down a little at his time of life? :wink:

faffing in the fast lane

Surely that’s the same as using your phone.

that’s faffing with your phone, just one of the many skills required.

Phoney faffing? is that a real concern?