Last to post wins (Part 2)

Early start today, better start the de-faffing process

it’s the defecating process for me

That’s weird, I’ve just defecated!!

that is weird!

currently multitasking here

Nah, thinking about it, it’s the Norm, still weird though

Ms d00d put a prune in my porridge

That’s what you get when you marry a Prunella!

I look a bit like a prune today. Too much time in the sea I’m guessing.

Can you believe it, I,m sat out on the lounger in 22 deg of sunnyness

I can beat that. I’m In Lanzarote, its 9.55pm and it’s still 28c.

Good for you, Idle Git.

You have gone from faffing to Fannying about!!!

That’s a bit extravagant innit? A capital F for Fannying?

Its Faff hour, let the celebration begin :smiley:

oooer faffing on a sunday, can’t beat it

and the sunnyness is to return for the day

To whoever invented air conditioning I thank you.

That was Phil Cool


Thanks for sending some Lanzarote weather our way EZ

too hot for faffing and fannying.

You’d better check that statement out with Max, he’s the Faff guru (he has been known to Fanny as well)

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