Last to post wins (Part 2)

Mornin, no rain but it’s damp out there every morning, how can that be? bet Rigsby knows but he ain’t tellin. Got a final push to do today, bit like giving birth spose then a bit of DIY, then it’s curry time.

Still currying favours then?

Every good boy deserves Curry

can you believe it, we had curried chicken tonight

but is there anyone out there

Had arfa curry, bet it = 0.5 kilos tomorrow!!!

Then there was the shami kebab etc, etc.

That’s it.

and a good morning from him, and another dry day, need to get the car cleaned, wales Isn’t the cleanest of places

oh hows about electric infra red wallpaper

Mornin, Max, it could be difficult finding Sunday car washers in Wales, was there in August and it wasn’t noticeably dirty then! Got a bit to do today, new spotlights in the kitchen don’t want to work, fiddly job and DIY is no longer fun.

Just look at the size of that Fox! The sooner he fox off the better.

EZ, you have just randomized LTP. :laughing:

LTP? Long Telegraph Pole?

Don’t Play the innocent with me laddy :laughing:

short telegraph poles could easily get damages and vandalized

And, one could get garotted on one’s bike.

Good Idea! Get rid of some of the middle aged, lycra wearing, learning to ride a bike again after years of sitting in front of a tv brigade.

EZ I’m gonna get the Saracen out and burn off some of those afore mentioned geezers :bike:

Top of the evening to you folks.

Well, the weekend’s done and dusted. Had a great weekend of rugby. Lots of peace and quiet too. Bliss.

All set for a productive week ahead.

good on yer minxie, productive is the name of the game, well i did the washing up

Goodnight. did a virtual tour, Birmingham to Coventry, in respect for a deceased person.