Last to post wins (Part 2)

Morning Mr Macy! :smiley: No I’m up with the lark, busy busy - having breakfast and giving the dog her meds.

Don’t mention the S.N.O.W word or you’ll be giving Mother Nature ideas!

No plans yet - a walk, perhaps…its trying to be sunny here :sun_behind_small_cloud:

Ah well, almost another day done. Filled with cats, gardens, online food shopping, and some drumming in the sunshine

So that’s where that awful noise was coming from.

good morning fellow lasters, and firsters

the sun is up and its warm already, i’m bottling it to take up to Scotland with me

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Good morning Each & Every. Very overcast here at the mo. No doubt on a slow boil prior to the heatwave. Take care, stay safe and drink plenty of liquids people, you know it makes sense.

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Morning Lasters! We are making our own sunshine today Mr Macy…17°C and rising already, :partying_face: Even bribed it to hang around for the rest of the week for ya…hows that for excellent tourist service, eh?!

I’ll have you know my drum is a tinkley drum, not a rock drum. It makes lovely soft echoey sounds, like a gentle breeze wafting little notes of Zen across the sky :musical_note: :musical_note:

what a scorcher, and we got more days of it

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i know, it’s great isn’t it. Tell me when you are leaving us to go home and I’ll have the sunshine back. Can’t be having you sneaking back down south with our sunshine now! :018: :joy:

Morning Lasters!

Went out for an early morning stroll to see what I could see. It’s going to be a wonderful day today, according to the sunshine!

good morning sun worshipers and the not so

Pix i’m not up there till Friday

need to do things before it gets hot, like clean the car, least go to the car wash

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Yes its going to be a belter! 23°C at 5pm today apparently. Thats something I’ll never get used to…it gets hotter as the day begins to wind down, whats the point in that?! :astonished:

Tea in the garden perhaps though…:thinking:

Good morning all you overheating peeps. Too hot here already. Roll on my Canary Island holiday in November it will only be 25degs out there. Keep cool and drink plenty of water…Oh sorry, can’t do that can we.

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Lucky you EZ (morning, by the way :wave: ) I went there as a kid one time…didn’t like it, far too hot.

And yes, stay shady and drink lots! Water isn’t the only thing we can drink :wink:

HI PK. That’s true but alcohol makes you dehydrate quicker apparently. Who are these party poopers??

good morning sun bathers, its there again, bright and warm, now is the time for a walkies

make sure you keep some up there in Scotland for me Pix, i’ll be setting off in the morning

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Good morning Lasters and Mr Macy! :wave: Oh there’s plenty sunshine to go round…another hot sunny day forecast here, blue sky not a cloud to be seen.

Drive carefully…our Haggis like to sunbathe on the tarmac :joy:

ah!! i’ will be down the south west corner at Glenwhan only dirt tracks down there, so i guess no 'aggisis

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Oh Dumfries & Galloway? It’s nice there…too posh for haggis though, oh yes, they like the wilds of the highlands. We do get some urban ones though now and again.

Weather will be cooler but no rain as far as I can tell. You’ll have a wonderful time! :smiley:

well its still here, good thing is we will be driving out of the hottest heat and into milder heat and should be back to normal when we get back, apart from all the dead plants

on the other hand i might not come back

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Morning Mr Macy! Drive safely and enjoy your stay.

Your plants will be fine, I’ll make sure of that! :smiley:

Mups! Time to fetch the hose!