🇮🇹 Italian GP: Max Verstappen handed three-place Russia grid penalty after Lewis Hamilton crash

@Gee3 , Don’t forget Lewis was just exiting the pit lane ??
He did’nt have a lead to defend, Max was passing the pit lane exit at high
speed, Lewis did move out past the pit lane white line to where Max was
aiming at to negotiate the chicane??
So a racing incident for me !!
Donkeyman! :+1::+1:

With respect DK, after the white line, Hammy is permitted onto the circuit and he cut across but Verstappen still had space after turn 2 Hammy was ahead on the inside line and Verstappen hit the curb and flew upwards over Hammy!

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I have never raced cars, but I used to race motorcycles, including doing endurance racing where pit stops are needed. The concept of a lead is your front wheel in front of his, regardless of if you are coming out of the pit lane or not. But as you say the fact that Hamilton was leaving the pit lane made him slower & it put him on colder & slower tyres.

Both drivers are overly aggressive at times & both had issues that put them in the right. But I really did not see anything that put either one of them more in the wrong, than the other.

For me, the bounce Max had off the kerb was beyond his control. Both drivers were pushing very hard, both were equally to blame for the final consequences. But ultimately the stewards have the final say & if they say it was Max, then they are the ones with all the facts.

@Gee3 , Exactly my opinion too Gee !!
After all , you wouldnt enter a motor way by ignoring a ten ton lorry because
your front wheels were just in front of his would you??
If the rules state that then they need changing ?? :+1::+1:
Donkeyman! :thinking:

That’s the way that I see it also. Both drivers were driving dangerously and neither was going to give way. Both drivers should have been relegated to the back of the grid for the next race.
I was very disappointed with Max when he didn’t check that Lewis was okay. Despite Max thinking that Lewis was trying to reverse out and must have been safe. It seems Max has got quite a temper… :flushed:

They’re both racers, if you no longer go for a gap, then you stop becoming a racer


Lewis had the racing line and defended it correctly. Verstappen is a liability, he will kill someone the way he is going.

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Spot on Bread.

Verstappen is an arrogant little brat.

He has no shame or remorse and has not once said sorry or even enquired about the injuries Hamilton has had.


@Bread , l disagree completely Bread !
I have said why earlier in the thread !
You are welcome to your opinion !
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Exactly. The very driving behaviour, I hate in both of them, is what makes them both successful. The same way it did for Schumacher & Senna.

True. But Max had the faster car & was marginally in front & drove his corner correctly too.

Both had things in their favour & against them. And if you replaced the driver of either car, then the incident would probably have not happened. The accident was not the result of either driver’s behaviour, but the result of the behaviour of both of them.

In either case, as Lewis had the racing line and was defending it then Verstappen should have put safety first instead of making an irrational and dangerous move like he did.

Having the racing line does not void Lewis of any responsibility & the racing line is not like on a lane on a public road. It is not an exactly defined area of the road, that puts someone into or out of the correct lane. It is simply the line that most drivers are seen as taking. It is perfectly normal for some drivers to take a different line to others through a corner for a variety of reasons. Being off that presumed “racing line” is not a negative.

And as the fastest driver & the one in the lead. Max also had the right to continue & hold his line to the left of Lewis.

Having the racing line gives the driver a big advantage through the corner - Verstappen making a move on him when he knew he was disadvantaged was stupid and dangerous as we found out.

Verstappen is going to kill someone one day.

End of the day, the stewards made a decision. Don’t for a minute think that Horner didn’t cry like a baby for blame apportionment

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