Irrational and not so Irrational Annoyances Thread

I’ll give this one a go as there is often annoyances of one kind or another…
I have lots…
When we lived in Bexhill a new development on what was previously a wooded area of beauty with rare speices, our wildlife naturalist neighbour had said. Certainly badges sets where there and that protected law was overridden. It was only four properties but the new road new waterway had to be also built. houses on stilts because it was flood plain.
So a stupid annoyance was…came along dug up the new road right opposite us…Connecting the mains electrics …fill in and next day workmen No.2 dig out filled hole and connect, I think it was the gas…could have been water board though…fill in and next day No. 3 Workmen,dig out and connect phone lines…fill in…That hole was so fed up it never was flat again…Husband had spoken to one ‘lot’ why can you not synchronize the jobs…Don’t work like that was the answer…remember a sketch on the TV…answered back,how does it work then…just not like that… :rofl:
One line annoyances are good…If only I could… :zipper_mouth_face:

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Our town council in their wisdom have decided to remove a roundabout and replace it with traffic lights. It’s usually a busy road so drivers are now using another fairly busy alternative route. Now the same jobsworths have decided at the same time to upgrade another busy road to two lanes each way. Guess which road. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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A new estate near me has conduits in the road which all utilities have to use, they are not allowed to dig up the road at all. I thought that was a very good idea.


That is a damned good idea. Our local council has started to lay the conduits; the only problem is they have to dig up the roads/footpaths to lay them. :grin:

That IMO is the way it should be. We had 6 weeks of upheavel on the main road in and out of the town, it was a blooming nightmare but eventually they finished and resurfaced the whole road. It was a pleasure to drive on it afterwards. NOW, 3 weeks later it’s being dug up again for someting else, I saw the notice this morning on my way back from the pool, it said work was starting on the 13th and to expect delays for 3 weeks. I can see real trouble in the near future, as everyone is sick to the back teeth of the constant roadworks.

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When they built our houses here, the top of the road was closed & another road runs parallel to it & passed it. Instead of making our road into the T junction the planners in their wisdom put a junction on our road passed the last house for the parallel road on the right & made our road a through road. There is a straight flat stretch along the top, at the top of the hill & beyond that where the existing road went to the right they put a mini roundabout, to the left was the new road into the new builds.
Well traffic accelerates from the roundabout & zooms down our road, a supposedly 30 mph residential area, at speeds of often 40/45 mph. If the planners had put the roundabout at the top of our road as well there would be no problem.
I know of several cats that have been killed on our road, not to mention hedgehogs & probably other wild life & a child was knocked down opposite my house too. He suffered a broken arm, luckily no other worse injuries.
After that they sent police up to monitor the speeds, but they stood on the path by a cul-de-sac, in full view of motorists in vehicles coming to the top of our road & in hi-viz jackets & of course caught no one speeding. I asked them why, we have to be seen he said, now that is plain nuts, no wonder they caught no one & still they speed down our road & up it too sometimes.

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I noticed two council work men in our street.One was digging a hole and the other was filling it up.Seemed a bit odd and I asked what was going on.Apparently the third member of the team,the one who planted the tree,was on holiday.


the old ones are the best Ps :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


When it came to roadworks…the Bexhill by Pass was something else…the end result trafficwise is very good…the destruction though, of more and more countryside is really very bad…two edged sword.
…I remember it made the main news many times, protesters sitting in the trees and camping out all over the place to prevent work commencement.
that link shows the battle so many people fought hard to stop it…No.13 ‘Worsham’ was next door to my property…Pebsham Farm originally, and an idyllic place for us…
It went ahead and the whole area was a no go area most of the time, for 2 years approx…You could not even get to the nearest shops.Ravenside shopping centre did not seem to be affected at least, being on the beach almost…

Started changing my top up Health Insurance Policy, as since the Company has changed to a different Main Accounts Company,about a year ago.
…I have received a summons for non payment of under the title of Health, about 6 months ago, a neighbour advised as it’s under 50 Euros, Pay it now and claim Back later when you can find out more what has gone wrong in the system…

I contact the Solicitor via email requesting what the summons is for as it does not say as far as I could tell…
I contacted my top up Insurance company telling then that the Ruffec Hospital could be the issue…but have no other ideas…I had a scan on my throat to check a Goitre that I have had for yonks and had scanned in the UK as all part of Hashimotos that I have…hereditary…

…Thing was as rude as the check in lady was…first time ever by the way…the Consultant did not just scan my throat he scanned every Organ in my body…he said he does this as his wish is just pre warning care…your here for one he said, but it is easy to do all…

Anyway I had blood tests done again to check my thyroid levels again plus all the usual once a year ones.

…the results always arrived within 2 days…6 days later nothing…the Pharmacy can receive them or you can get them delivered to your home…I choose home but if an error occurred they could end up at the Pharmacy…checked today nothing…post lunchtime nothing…

Phoned the Laboratory this evening before closing at 18.00,
…guess what.
…the damn top up Insurance company has not paid the invoices…again from June even though on this occasion the Laboratory had sent me an updated invoice for nonpayment…which was emailed to my top up Insurance company but…screamed almost at one point…their fees for this recently bad service…is over 200 euros each month for us both…goes up with age…

,…be thankful for the NHS …so easy to not realise it is the only system that is straight forward to all…regardless…

ok Governments don’t do won’t do more than they have to, but it is a great system and the envy of the world people wise in truth…

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I’m bumping this thread up because I bought a “silent” kitchen clock recently. Now this clock was advertised as not being a ticky tocky annoying thing, but “silent” and has a “smooth running second hand”

Yes it does have a smooth running second hand, but it also just had me running around for 40 mins thinking I had a water leak somewhere! The clock doesn’t “tick” as such, it just sounds like soft running water! And now I know about it, I can’t unhear it. :angry: