I’m A Celebrity 2023

Don’t normally watch this until the end but I am interested in seeing how Fred Siriex (sp?), Nigel Farage and Grace Dent get on.

I was a Grace Dent fan having read her book “Hungry” and being able to relate to her Dad having dementia like my Mum and how you feel pulled every which way to help.

however, just been reading GD has been making some nasty remarks about Nigel Farage and his near death accidents so I have gone off her. there’s no need for that and say what you like about NF he is always very gentlemanly and polite to people.


I think Nigel Farage is brilliant, and I don’t watch GB News quite as much while he is away, but I’m not sure going into the jungle will do him any favours, I hope I’m wrong and he wins.


He has grown in my estimation GF!

Whatever guests he has on his show, whether they are Labour Supporters, Conservatives, whether they are self made millionaires or born with a silver spoon in their mouth, whatever creed or colour they are he treats them all the same, is polite and engages really well with them.


I have already started this year’s thread:


Sorry Omah. I searched but this didn’t come up so I went ahead and posted.

Maybe somebody can merge them?

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TBH, I don’t think it’s worth the bother … :grin:

Typical of the grubby money grabbing Farage to go in for this, anything to trouser a couple of bob and get his frog face in the media, he really is a vulgar little troll of a man. Wasn’t his EU pension and the salary he had the nerve to take for not attending enough for him?

I hope he chokes on a kangaroo testicle :rofl:

Not particularly impressed with Grace Dent, a bit hypocritical to take part in the show after slagging it off :woman_shrugging:

But I don’t mind what she said about Farage’s accident

It’s not as if he died, he was stupid enough to be flying around in a light aircraft towing a UKIP banner and she made a good point about xenophobic and racist people forgetting their prejudices and principles when they need something from the people they despise :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I don’t know which state it’s in.Queensland and NT have crocodiles.That would be worth watching.

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It’s near Springbrook National Park, near Murwillumbah, New South Wales, on the border of Queensland

Please tell me there are alligators :rofl: We’ve done our bit, we’ve sent you our poisonous frog :frog:

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What a superstar Nigel Farage was tonight. All those vile drinks he downed without complaining once.


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