Hi as I'm new here I'm starting this thread to introduce myself

Hello Rose, and welcome. :wave:

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Hi there Rose … I’m waving at ya!

Hi Rose!

Welcome to the forum! :wave:

Thanks everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @RoseJ1 , welcome to OFC….

Hello Rose. And welcome to the forum.
Pull up a sofa, I’m sure there will be something of interest on here for you :grinning::+1:

Hi to you all , you met the rest but now your in for a real treat. You are now officially welcomed by the village idiot. ME

Hello Rose and welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome wendeey and Rose! Lets celebrate!

Thats a lovely picture Ciderman :slight_smile:

Welcome Rose :slight_smile:

Hello Rose, hope you settle in quickly.

Yay RoseJ is here :clap: :clap:

For those who don’t know RoseJ I’m sure you’ll enjoy her well thought out posts, she’s an excellent contributor, even though we don’t agree on everything, well who does lol

She also starts off some brilliant threads which I hope she starts on here and hope you all enjoy contributing to.

At the moment I’m tied up reading the over 2,000 posts on the ‘what made you laugh today (pictures)’ thread and find it hard to see the screen due to the tears rolling down my face and is costing me loads on mascara because have to keep reapplying it.

I’d like to thank all the contributors to that thread they really do cheer me up.

Hugs all round xxx


Hi there Rose :wave: good to see another familiar face :grin:

:wave: Welcome RoseJ1.

Welcome Rose, I look forward to reading you. Your reputation precedes you…

Welcome from me too RoseJ1, I think you’ll like it here :hugs:

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Hello @wendeey and welcome to the forums