Harry's promo interviews for Spare

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Prince Harry on what led to royal rift, what he thinks is needed for reconciliation - Good Morning America

Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex Talks Spare with Stephen Colbert - EXTENDED INTERVIEW

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Just like you did this thread? :081:

You are too smart for me :grinning:

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I’d much rather watch the interviews (and maybe read the book myself at some point) than get an opinionated version of things from the press who let’s face it, can’t even be trusted with basic simple news :lol:


There is not going to be a reconciliation Azz, maybe now Harry has realised this; whether he can accept that, we’ll see.

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I think his interviews are funny maybe he will take up acting like Vinnie Jones .
Do a remake of The prisoner of Zenda or something.
His wife can help him learn his lines

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I don’t give a shit either way, since the Off with their heads was no longer an option.

One idea is that a film will be made with Rowan Atkinson playing Harry, and titled ‘The Has Bean’.


Was bored and needed something to watch while eating… so watched the interview with Stephen Colbert. I think Harry is definitely more popular in the US and on a global scale, he’s just so much more like everyday folk (like his mother was).

Still think there’s no place for the monarchy or ‘rulers and the ruled’ in a modern civilised society - the sooner humanity is free of that the better. Who knows, maybe that’s part of Harry’s plan, his actions are certainly making it more likely :lol:

Azz sorry have to disagree ordinary folk may be dysfunctional too but rarely do you meet ‘ordinary folk’ moaning about having to survive on their mothers ( millions ) that they were left .
Not sure ordinary folk wimp about their brother shoving them in the dog bowl either .( especially when you are 40 and 38 years of age )


The royal family are safe, maybe the public do not want them but the establishment most certainly does.

Book sales and all this media hysteria says otherwise Muddy - if that wasn’t the case the rags in the UK would never print another story about them again, but they can’t help themselves because they know it sells their papers :lol:

That’s what worries me. They are too powerful.

It’s now being said that some ‘royal’ families are not just billionaires but trillionaires. It’s disgusting - people like that are a scourge on humanity.

A chaotic situation, a free for all with people out of control, we need structure in society to maintain stability.

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Rather than filming the tell-all interview at his and Meghan Markle’s $14m Montecito mansion, the Duke instead made the one-hour journey to the exclusive San Ysidro Ranch in California.

But while ordinary rooms at the Hollywood hideout start from $2,595 per night, the red carpet was rolled out for the royal father-of-two - who made himself at home in the complex’s lavish Churchill Cottage.

A glimpse inside Churchill Cottage - which costs $7k-a-night to rent - shows the lavish holiday home has been kitted out with chic rustic interiors, including antique-looking chairs and tables which are offset by the ornate chandeliers

Harold has always has been a sponger, living off the largesse of others, starting with his sex, drugs and clubbing days but, that Meg has “polished” him, it seems that his requirements have become more expensive.

When the former duke and duchess were cut off financially from the royal family shortly after moving to California (and, as we learned via the interview, denied security), they had limited options as to where they could stay. Fortunately, entertainment mogul Tyler Perry lent the couple his $18 million mansion in Beverly Hills — and provided them with much-needed security.

The 24,545 square foot Mediterranean-style mansion sits on a 22 acre lot in a gated community of just 14 houses, with a guard on duty 24/7. The home was built in 2012, eight years after Perry reportedly purchased the property in 2004 for $4.3 million, which is a pretty good deal considering the dwelling is currently worth $18 million, according to the county assessor.

The arrangement is rumored to have been finagled by Oprah, who happens to be the godmother of Tyler Perry’s son Aman. While Harry and Meghan lived in his Beverly Hills abode, Perry was working in Atlanta—where he once owned a 35,000 square foot Versailles-inspired mansion that now belongs to Steve Harvey.

Tyler Perry and Oprah are, of course, billionaires with substantial property portfolios - Harold and Meg aren’t - they may be mixing at the rich end but they’re living at the (comparatively) poor end, much, I would imagine to the chagrin of Meg, now living in Montecito “cottage”, which, AFAIK, has been not used for any interviews.


Harry is just a catalyst for people to vent their opinions on a bigger picture, best to keep ones opinions too oneself if one ain’t been there.

The time has come imo for Harry to get over himself and find a proper job instead of upping the ante on past grievances .
It serves to make him look pathetic and greedy.
Yes he comes from a dysfunctional family indeed the entire royal family are dysfunctional it’s a unhealthy lifestyle that is why imo it should end with Charles …