Goodnight All.

Goodnight All.

Here we go again, shit or bust. :grin: :icon_wink:

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Goodnight All.

48 hours, that is a long time waiting for a Shit or a Bust. :grin: :icon_wink:

Bye se bye all.

Goodnight all, this thread has been mine for 17 days, would you credit it? :laughing:

Goodnight All.

Nobody home. :icon_wink:

Knock knock!

Hello Mags, we have been around the block a bit, but it’s good to be able to say the same Goodnight all, innit :smiley:

Your persistence is admirable Spitty, you are saving a lot of energy by switching off every night! :grinning:

Night Spitty…

Night Mags, where is Meg and Plantman?

I think Meg will be asleep in The Land of Nod by now.

Plantman may still be in sunnier climes. :slightly_smiling_face:

Goodnight All, thanks for the clarification Mags :grin:, I’ll take your word for it, I trust you.

Goodnight All. Trust sill stands.

Goodnight All. :grin:

Five in a line and all that. :laughing:

Goodnight Spitty…

Goodnight Fox, time for refiguration.

Goodnight All, time for defragmentation :icon_wink: :boxing_glove:

Goodnight All, tata for now. :grin:

Goodnight All.

Goodnight All, been a bit exhausting today, that has to be expected. :smiley: