Goodnight! (Part 1)

Thought I would start this “goodnight” thread as I sometimes feel rude in just logging off when there are other lovely people still around, especially those across the seas, in a different time zone. :smiley:

So, goodnight all…my bed is calling me :slight_smile:


Gosh Carmen you were up late :shock:
…I hope you slept well eventually :slight_smile:

:shock: sometimes I am up at that unearthly hour when I can’t sleep but usually no-one is around then… even Eileen has settled down for the night in US :slight_smile:

Is that your usual time to retire to bed, Carmen?

Good idea, Carmen! I was surprised to see your posts last night; I usually log on for a last look even though it’s the wee small hours in the UK, just to see if anything is happening.

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I don’t generally go to bed before 3.30am :smiley:

I’ve always been a bit of a night owl and since I started caring for Mum (who lives with us, and has recently broken her hip), I need “me” time and that happens in the evening when everyone has gone to bed. :lol:

It sounds like you earn your “me” time, that’s your time to relax :slight_smile:

I reckon so too Mags…need to look after yourself if you’re responsible to look after others. :slight_smile:

Edit: Now where did I put those choc. coffee beans. :mrgreen::lol:

I will say goodnight to all, and sweet dreams. Have an early start tomorrow down the motorway to Derbyshire, and apart from that need my beauty sleep!

Goodnight Merz, sleep well …have a safe journey to Derbyshire tomorrow…

Goodnight to all the night owls, hope you sleep well… :slight_smile:

Goodnight Mags…leave those beans alone :lol:

Time to go now and have a read before bed :smiley:

Goodnight all.

It’s only 9 pm here, but goodnight all my UK friends, sleep well! :smiley:

Well, that’s me signing off for the night :slight_smile:

Goodnight all, sleep well! :slight_smile:

Goodnight Mags :slight_smile:

Goodnight all…earlier night for me :slight_smile:

No one to play with! Night, all, sleep well! :smiley:

Goodnight to those still here, hope you all sleep well…:slight_smile:

Same to you Mags…goodnight :slight_smile:

Night, Mags, sleep well, good dreams.