Good Morning Wednesday 10th July 2024

Good morning to all who follow.

I was hoping to say what a glorious winter day but while it has not been so cold (20°) there have been scattered clouds to occasionally hide the sun but at lest there is no chance of rain (it didn’t actually rain yesterday either)

Washed all my dirty clothes this morning and got them on the line, then off to my PO Box to collect a couple of Amazon parcels and a quick visit to Coles for milk.

Tried a USB hub in my camper on my ancient WD Live Media player and found it worked, I didn’t think it would. Then tested an old 12v water pump from my car’s aux battery (using a syphon has proved more difficult than I expected), that worked well too so it has been a productive morning so far.

Still have the remains of my cold but even that is receding.

Good day so far. Hope yours is even better, take care.


Good morning - Glad your cold is receding Bruce. So good to take few luxury intakes of breath through the nose for the first time in days,

The weather is better here. The temperature at 8.30 a.m. is 19ºC. It’s still not as good as we’d expect at this time of year but good enough for the bike ride I’ve been promising myself. I admit to having always been a fair weather cyclist and it will be a no-go if there is even a light drizzle.

I might surprise our friend at the allotment by riding along there. I know she is there in the mornings, weather permitting. I haven’t been able to help her with the work there for weeks. Probably still can’t be the strong digger that I was but I can at least show my face …it would be a start.

Hoping everyone has a good day. :slight_smile:


Morning all. Just heard from BT (or a BT bot), my ISP, they are sending me a new modem, doing a switch over to “Digital Voice” on Friday. I never use my home phone, thought I could make a saving by getting disconnected but it’s only £2-£5/month.

I need to get away from it all, go to Waitrose to buy bread … our favourite …

Yeah, go for it mart.


Morning all – wet start to the day but we are promised dry weather later

Glad to hear the cold is clearing up Bruce - we females know how much men suffer when they get “man flu” :grinning:

Yesterday’s shopping trip was a bit of a let-down! Looking for some clothes to take away with me but everything was so dull and boring! Managed to find a pair of trousers and a top but where are all the bright colours – only bright colour seemed to be a vomit inducing yellow/orange mix!

Got my Kindle out to charge it up ready to take away with me - but, of course, although it is fully charged it has decided to go on strike and won’t turn on! It is very old so I suppose the time has come to retire it!

Off to find my way to a new group who meet every Wednesday morning – if you don’t hear from me again you will know I am lost somewhere in the wilds of South Gloucestershire!

Take care, have a good day everyone


if you missed this so repeated here

Just back from a walk around the roads wearing new Grisoft walking boots. They are a lot heavier than the trainers I have been wearing, and breaking them in to the way I walk doesn’t help


Good morning everyone. Not much planned today apart from tuning in to the first day of the Test Match at Lords - hopefully the rain will stay away.
The dog and I have had our walk and even though the clouds looked threatening it stayed dry until I arrived home, then heavy drizzle descended but that has stopped now. What would we have to talk about if not the weather?
Glad your cold is improving Bruce - nothing worse than a head full of cotton wool when you have jobs to do.
I’m not keen on clothes shopping Sheila because it takes ages to find something I like. Hope you get your Kindle sorted or else you could suffer from withdrawal symptoms if you have nothing to read - I know I would!
Enjoy your bike ride Mart, it will be good to get out into the countryside.
That bread looks interesting dood - I might look out for that the next time I’m in Waitrose.
I think that’s about it for now, I’m expecting the window cleaner this morning so must go and dust the windowsills, don’t want him to think my housework skills are lacking!
Happy Wednesday!


Good Morning
Here is what you need to keep
in mind
You no longer have
You do not yet have
You have only
Today is made
for you
Live in it
May you be blessed beyond
your expectations.

Have a lovely and safe Wednesday.


Done the ride. It was to the allotment. The owner seems to be getting on very well without me. :slight_smile: I did start our son over there for digging and other hard work purposes though.

Then on to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and back along the canal bank. I should have taken my camera or a smartphone with me. Only had a Doro for phone calls.

It was around a 7 mile trip but it was the e-bike using level 2 of pedal assistance. Good to be out on the bike again, even if not too testing energy-wise.


What incredible species! Everything I read about that area sounds magical. Thank you for sharing and I hope those boot break in quickly.


Good morning! Like you, Margaret, the sky dumped buckets during the dogs’ walk this morning. No fun or run for me!

It’s nice to read so many of you out and about. Mart, that was a kind endeavor for you and your son help your friend. I am sure you were thrilled to be out on the bike.

Bruce, you seem to have luck on your side with that testing. Do you have another trip in the works? Good to read that you have turned a corner on that cold.

Oh, Sheila, I am in complete agreement with you about finding clothes with color! I don’t want to look like I am going to a funeral until it’s my own!

Dood, that bread looks delicious. I have a favorite here that has flax instead of linseed, but it has to be shipped frozen from Colorado. There is a dearth of bakeries here.

Off to take some friends to the airport. I was talking to an acquaintance yesterday who said that when he was a kid, his parents wouldn’t decide where until they arrived at the airport and looked at the departure screen. While not very feasible these days, wouldn’t that be fun!

Have a really nice day!


Ok, ok I have been had - and I walked into it full bore.

I claim:

  • Being too much in a hurry,
  • It being too early in the morning,
  • No caffeine,
  • Being a gullible American
  • Low mental acuity :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

No excuses you say?

I will take my grief and wear the hat, but beware realspeed… :sunglasses:

:joy: :rofl: :grin:


True,but you do have a live a bit in the past and the future.Otherwise you’d keep making the same mistakes and you wouldn’t have anything in the freezer. :grinning:

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You’d love Drop Bears then

They even have their own page at the Australian Museum web site

That’s still a couple of extra coffees while you’re out snapping each month. Worth it I’d say.

Oh, now iI have a primary purpose for visiting, Oz, particularly that interesting looking area in the center of the map :face_with_monocle:. Do you all offer excursions :nerd_face:?

I think it is going to be a long, long time before I live this down :woozy_face:.

In the meantime, someone need to give that cuddly-looking creature a bath :crazy_face:.

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Mrs d00d says keep it so we will. I couldn’t care less. We are yet to see how the existing cordless handset works with the new system.

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