Good Morning Tuesday 9th July 2024

Good Morning to you all, looking forward to a few sunny and slightly warmer days. (it’s 19°C at the moment)

Was looking at my garden yesterday and noticed the spikey things (to use the proper botanical term) in full bloom, you can also see the geranium flowers sneaking into the top of the photo too.

I was supposed to go to the doctor today to get some replacement prescriptions but my cold is still apparent so rang up to cancel, the girl told me she will change the appointment to a phone appointment so I am waiting for him to ring (thank gawd for mobile phones)

Anyway the sun is out, so am happy as a pig in poo.

Hope you all have a good day too, what have you got planned for this Tuesday?


Morning Bruce 'n all

Mrs d00d’s off to the gym after coffee at 8:30, I’d like to go up the west end with my little Ricoh, she’s all charged up. But the weather is questionable, we’ll see.


Good morning - Nice show of flowers there Bruce. They look similar to what gets called ‘red hot poker’ flowers. Not sure that’s a botanical name either though. :slight_smile:

The Sun has yet to show here, although it’s reckoned it will brighten up later. A bad spell of weather for the summer all in all. The temperature at 8.45 a.m. is 17ºC

Blood test today, probably have to part with finger-ful or so. Bike ride later if the weather picks up.


Good morning everyone. It’s a dull day weather wise but not raining - yet. I’m bucking the trend on this thread of supermarket shopping on Mondays and doing my shop today - never one to follow the crowd :grinning:
I had a battle with the self service machine last week, the store has replaced the ones I found easy to use with some that are extremely bossy and keep telling me off if I don’t do things in the way the machine dictates. I’ll have another go with it today - I refuse to let it get the better of me!
Happy Tuesday!


I have been thinking of a way to reduce wasteand save the planet.
it is all to do with toilet paper. Toilet paper either in rolls or packs are square and the most of it the middle of the paper gets used. Now my Idea is to have toilet paper in strips instead of squares hence saving about 75% that doesn’t get stained, anyway then less trees get cut down- saves space on the suprmarket shelves- less need for transportation as a delivery lorry could carry more - jobe created by redesigning toilet paper holder - and finally smaller waste pipes or existing ones that won’t get blocked.

Oh got the third round and last at the dentist today just for a filling this time


Morning all – heavy rain overnight, dry at the moment but overcast and grey!

Lovely photo Bruce – keep positive that cold will soon pass :sneezing_face:

I never use the self service tills Margaret – perhaps if the supermarket offered a discount I might consider it. :grinning: I prefer to use the manned check outs!

I am going away shortly so today I am planning to get the bus and travel into the city to do a bit of shopping. Not been into the centre shopping for a long time so it will be interesting to see how it has changed.

Take care – have a good day


Unfortunately, there is only one manned check-out at the supermarket where I get my shopping and there is usually quite a queue for it so I taught myself how to use the self-service machines. However, a couple of weeks ago they enlarged the area for self-service and put in new machines which are more complicated than the previous ones. When I was shopping today the manned checkout was not being used and the poor chap behind the till looked quite lonely, so I went to the manned checkout which was a nice change for me. Oh that it was always like that because I do prefer it but am not a very patient queuer I’m afraid.


Good Morning From Foxy’s World… :umbrella: :cloud_with_rain: :zap:
Global Warming…Pah! Global Saturation more like…
Torrential rain this morning with puddles everywhere, but the morning walk must be done…
Shorts, socks and shoes soaking when I returned home but the kagoul did it’s job and kept my upper body dry…
Plenty of jogging along the canal towpath, not another person in sight, and the time was pretty good for an old bloke… :+1:
Unfortunately the Holly Tree didn’t get trimmed yesterday… :slightly_frowning_face:
I wheeled the bike out into the garage to repair the puncture and found the rear wheel had also sustained a prick and deflated during the night. With only one spare inner tube and no repair kit I had to drive into town and buy one. I was looking at new bikes too because when I removed the back wheel and derailer I found lots of wear on the chain and gears. Might be cheaper to buy a new bike, the current machine was purchased in 1979 and after a rebuild hasn’t had any new bits added since.
I was going to post a before and after photo of the holly, but after the ‘before’ photo shoot, in all the excitement I was unable to post the ‘After’ one…Cos it’s not been done yet… :flushed:

I took this to give the tree some perspective… :grin:

Mrs Fox found a dead, plucked pigeon on the green this morning, and sitting on the lamp post in the rain was this fellow…I think the council must be paying him to cull the large amount of pigeons that have accumulated just lately…Does anyone know what it is ? I reckon a hawk of some kind, perhaps a Sparrow Hawk?


Have you thought about using both sides Realspeed… :017:
You’ll be making a 50% saving… :115:

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Perspectives are fun …


Ha Ha Yes it did cross my mind that I was standing in front of the holly and makes it look smaller than it really is d00d…

Here’s Mrs Fox holding up the leaning tower…


She’s a strong girl! :grin:




You don’t know the half of it rose… :worried:


I’m checking in at lunchtime, 1.30pm here, so I’ll post what I’ve just eaten. I made myself spaghetti with fresh cherry tomatoes sautéed in EVOO and a little garlic, sprinkled with home-grown parsley.
Not forgetting a glass of Cabernet :wine_glass:


We weather in our garden…


A jolly good Tuesday to all -
Another hot and muggy day here on the east coast of the good ol’ USA, what’s new :smiley:

There are 3 simple rules in life:
If you do not go after what you want,
you will never have it.
If you do not ask, the answer will
always be no.
If you do not step forward, you will
always remain in the same place.

I can’t take credit for this, its source is anonymous. But it started me thinking about my own life and everything that I’ve learned over many decades in business.

The lessons I have learned could fill a set of encyclopedias. I would imagine anyone who has paid attention to the world around them could say the same. But there are several guiding principles that help me make decisions, plan strategy and sleep at night.
— Harvey Mackay

Have a safe and wonderful Tuesday :smiley:


Good morning from the world of puffy tropical clouds! We aren’t affected by the hurricane that took a hard right turn in the gulf, but it has left use with heaping piles of meringue in the sky, which would all be fine, except for the good soaking it gave me on mile four of my run this morning.

Y’all are messing with my my pre-caffeine head too early this morning - some of you giants, some of you no bigger than a water bottle, and some of you dressed as juvenile hawks, but at least all of your gardens are pretty! You all do know that you tend to put us Americans to shame in that department.

The run was a slow go of it, but it always feels like a little triumph afterward. I am test-driving my new New Balance shoes, a purchase which feels little like Christmas. I wore the last pair way, way too long… I sure wish it would cool off so I could get back to some hill training, but I digress…

The agenda today is to attack this part of the house with a repair of a wood chip on the front balcony, weed, and deadhead the impatiens in my little jungle before helping a student prepare for his upcoming standardized testing. He is wanting to become an engineer, so we are hitting the math hard today. For all the fussing about kids these, days, you have to like a teenager who is spending his summer studying. Good kid.

Condensation on the lens, but you get the idea:

Then I am off to the store to scratch a sudden itch I have for pasta and tomatores :smiley:

Have a good day admiring your gardens, propping up buildings, trimming trees, and pulling your toes out of water bottles!


Isn’t that what global warming causes? more evaporation from the oceans which has to come down somewhere.

There was even rain in central Australia during the dry season.

I think the failure of the AMOC is more concerning to northern Europe, a 40°C drop in temp over 100 years would have me looking for somewhere warmer for my kids and grandkids to live

I did a photo search on Google apparently they are Aloe arborescens also called Candelabra Plant and presumably related to Aloe Vera they have similar but spikier green bits - I have heaps of Aloe Vera.

All my spikey plants came from a single cutting from the solicitors down the road when they were pruning theirs, theirs has gone completely now. I originally wanted them to stop my kids jumping over the wall rather than coming in the gate.

I know they are not Red Hot Poker plants, those don’t have spikes, I found a photo (not mine)