Good Morning Thursday 4th July 2024

Good morning especially to those celebrating Independence Day :us: :us: and to all those retirees to whom every day is Independence Day! :australia:

Woke up this morning to find my water feature had expanded with overnight rain, I will be setting up deckchairs and umbrellas soon. If it gets any deeper the council will require child proof fencing installed

Drove into Wollongong for my MRI scan, if it were not for the noise I could sleep in one of those machines, Two injections, one to stop my bowels moving and the other the inevitable contrast stuff. Pleasant surprise on the way out nothing to pay, all covered by Medicare.

Called in to Bunnings on the way home to buy some potting mix, I hate being without it, there is always something that needs it. Bought a sausage sizzle as I left.

Dropped some jackets off at the Op Shop, Hardly worn but ones I saw, thought, “That will be useful”, end up stuck in a wardrobe never to wear.

Anyway have a good one!


Morning Bruce and all…I’m fairly convinced I have been transported to your side of the world in my sleep, Bruce, since its really cold, windy and chucking it down with rain today :cloud_with_rain:

Day off, and a very slow relaxing one at that (hopefully).

Have a great day everyone :wave:


Good morning everyone. Thank you for your welcome to the thread. The sun is shining here, although it’s quite chilly - I’d send some sunshine up to you @PixieKnuckles if I could. Quite a busy day planned today. After taking my dog for her morning walk across the fields I intend visiting a little town just over the county border. Thursday is market day there and it’s quite an old fashioned market - no mobile phone stalls or cheap perfumes like our local market. Instead there is a meat stall, fish stall, bread stall and cheese stall - along with the usual fruit and veg, flower and plant stalls. If I close my eyes I can see housewives from the 1950s with their perky little hats and baskets over their arms containing pork chops wrapped in grease proof paper wandering around the stalls.
There are also two charity shops in the town where I’ll have a browse for things I didn’t know I needed until I see them - books hopefully too.
I started reading my new book yesterday afternoon because it was too wet to garden - I admit to being a fair weather gardener! The book is taking a bit of getting into at the moment but I’ll persevere for now in the hope it will pick up.
Happy Thursday everyone!


Mixed sunshine and cloud here in the south. Breezy with a temperature of 16ºC at 9.00 a.m. Our turn for rain tomorrow.

Off to the Community Center to cast my vote soon and then have a look around the car boot sale (held in the grounds of the same place).

Going to the pub for pint of beer and a bag of crisps with a friend at lunchtime.


Morning all – windy and a bit cloudy but the sun is making a valiant effort to break through

Happy 4th July to American members. :us:

If those water features get much bigger Bruce you will be able to charge people to come and swim! Hope the results of the MRI were good

Sounds like you have an interesting day ahead Margaret.

As I am no longer on cat servant duties decided to stay in bed a bit later, take longer over breakfast and am currently on my 3rd cup of coffee. Strange, I feel as if something is missing! :black_cat:

I am looking for a reliable window cleaner (my last one didn’t come for 6 months and then texted me at 8.30 in the evening to tell me he was coming the next day!). Contacted one who quoted £50!! Don’t think so! I will be contacting a couple more and if they quote the same, then I am afraid my windows will not be cleaned! :window:

Planning on my usual Thursday get together for coffee with friends this morning – fortunately the venue is within walking distance. Hoping my neighbour will have recovered enough from his flight and take a look at the car and sort it for me. :red_car:

For those in UK – don’t forget to vote! :x:

Take care – have a lovely day


Not a good morning today
9.00am tooth out at the dentist although private still cost for addition to the top plate. on way back first time voted for a local camdidate as I am fed up with the main political parties squabbling and not being honest with the public.
Just got to wait now for the injections in the mouth to wear off and longingly look at the food I can’t eat dinnertime.
Great day i don’t think and have to go back to the dentist for the third time for a filling in a weeks time. Only good thing is I should not get toothache on our soon to be holiday to Portugal.

al murray


Good morning all, and welcome Ms. Margaret, After 4 1/2 days without internet and landline service (and TV) my service was finally restored Wed, PM, so I am back online (though I did enjoy 4 1/2 days in the pub), looking forward to another hot humid day (91 F, 33 C) here on the east coast of the US (Maryland). Here’s wishing everyone a lovey Thursday ,Happy Birthday USA :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: Here’s to a better tomorrow, for the USA and the world.


Good morning realspeed, good luck with the tooth and dental issues, here’s wishing a speedy recovery. Your political issues sounds much like the USA, maybe 3rd party candidates could be the wave of the future, I know our choices for the Oval office should both be in either a nursing home and / or prison, had we a justice system.


Good Morning From Foxy’s World… :white_check_mark:
Not been to vote yet it’s been too busy on the forum… :grin:
Went out for my walk early on and stuck in a bit of jogging. A cold blustery wind but some nice sunny spells… :woman_mage:
Yesterday’s walk eventually took place a little later than usual so I took the lane and did four miles to Quarry Park. It’s an old sand quarry that has been landscaped and spruced up with woods and walks. I was amazed by this wild flower pasture that has grown up since my last visit.

Some old bloke wandering around the park… :crazy_face:

I keep promising to come here to fly the drone it looks perfect although I think model aircraft and golf practice is banned…

Our summers are about the same as your winters Bruce. I reckon you need to fill in those tyre tracks before the rain stops and the sun bakes the earth like granite…
See if you have any after effects from the MRI Bruce, because I had a few sleepless nights following mine which is rather unusual for me.
I still miss Maddie the cat after two years Sheila, but Mrs Fox says No!.. :frowning_woman:
Hope your anaesthetic soon wears off Realspeed so you can tuck into those meat pies again… :yum:
I think you might be right Raven, it’s time the old guard were voted out and some new blood given the chance. I have a feeling our election with be a split decision…
PS:- I think Mrs Fox is loosening up, we spoke several words to each other this morning… :grin:


That sounds perfectly enjoyable!

@Bruce, It’s good to read you are past the MRI and that it was at a bargain price. Now you can enjoy new resort-style living :smile:!


Oh, just gorgeous! You seem to always find a beautiful place to roam - and you are looking fit as a fiddle!

Sorry about your dental visit, @realspeed. Congratulations, though, on your designation as “Undefeated World War Champions”! Did that come with a trophy :trophy: or a congratulatory cake :birthday: or something? :sweat_smile:

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@SheilaP that cat was lucky to have you, but I am sure you are enjoying the slower-paced mornings.
I think we should campaign Mrs.OGF to let @OGF get a new cat. I’m sorry to read about Maddie the Cat, OGF. I know she was special to you :cry:.

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Whoops. U Rascal U . #2. Pic.
A Drone Over this. Front Garden.
:rofl: All the way 2. The Dung fuelled Mini Meadow. :wink:

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@Surfermom … I’m in “let foxy have another cat”
@Bruce … Have you thought about those plastic mat type things that you can lay on grass for parking vehicles temporarily. You will ruin your lawn otherwise :confused:


Many decades ago I wanted the whole garden paved with those keyhole type pavers with holes in them (to plant grass) but I could never afford it (or had something better to spend my money on).

I have lived here 44 years and this is the first time this has happened, even when my kids lived here and parked their cars on the grass all the time. It will eventually dry out and I will drive my car back an forth to flatten it back to its bucolic best. :wink:

According to BOM the high pressure system parked over Tassie and causing this rain is near a record high pressure of 1044.5 kilopascals no sign of it moving much until next Wednesday.

Slept like a log last night, I have had a few MRIs over the years and can’t say I have noticed any ill effects

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