Good Morning Sunday, 9th June 2024

Good morning all on this sunny winter’s day, it is definitely warmer outside than indoors.

Yesterday I filled out what they nicely call a “Bladder Diary” in preparation for a visit to a specialist (basically measuring fluid in and out). Today it is all systems go to cross off some of the things on my “To Do” list. I have replaced all the bedding in my camper so it is ready for next time (getting a fitted sheet on a mattress in a box exactly the same size and with limited access requires the patience of a saint).

This arvo will change the windscreen wipers on my car and hopefully completely empty the ute’s tray of stuff from my trip (gazebo, fridge etc). Too wet underfoot to attempt the oil change etc, that will have to wait for later in the week.

What have you been up to this weekend? Restful or what?


Good morning Bruce and everyone - Sunny but a bit nippy for the time of year. The temperature is 18ºC but it’s only 8.22 A.M, so it might climb higher.

Not much to do today but I expect family will visit.

Hope the fluid in and out test turns out OK Bruce.

Wishing all a good day.


Morning all – bright sunshine this morning again, hopefully it stays that way

Did anyone miss me? No? Thought not! :cry:

Neighbour thinks he has found the cause of the water in my garage after the last heavy rain now have to wait for the next downpour to see whether he fixed it. He has previously fixed other problems I have had so he can be a useful little insect! :laughing: They are off on holiday again on Tuesday for 3 weeks so I will be back on cat servant duties, hopefully she will behave herself this time (hmm fat chance!)

No plans for today, it is a day of rest :sleeping:

Take care, hope everyone has a lovely day


Hello everyone, hot and humid again today, we’ll probably reach 30s again, temperature wise.


Good Morning From Foxy’s World… :039:
Out for my 3 mile walk first thing, and was very happy with the results. No chest pain or breathing difficulties so things are looking up. But I promise, no running!
Been invited out for Sunday lunch at the local golf club by our friends and neighbours, so will probably collapse in front of the telly with a full stomach afterwards. Watch the qualifying of the Canadian F1 that was recorded last night, looks like the race will be recorded sometime tonight but too late for me to stay up, so will watch the race tomorrow.
Sad news about Michael Mosley…

Michael Mosley


I think if a member’s name doesn’t pop up for ages, they do eventually get missed. If a really active member doesn’t post for a while, they get missed much sooner.


I missed yer Sheila, and am looking forward to hearing some tales of a little feline friend…


Of course we missed you. Where were you? I hope you have a note.

Thank you OGF - so pleased to hear things are improving, but don’t try to do too much too soon!

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Thanks Bruce - believe me you don’t want to know why I was absent! No note - a Doctor’s appointment is rarer than hen’s teeth here!

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Good sunny morning!

It reads that your have just about put a period on the end of the sentence of your adventure, @Bruce. Is it time to break out the maps again and throw a dart?

The only thing worse than a fitted sheet is a flat one used in its place that is constantly coming undone in the middle of the night.

@SheilaP Sheila, it was definitely quieter when you didn’t sign in. Glad you are back. It’s most kind of you to be cat-sitting again!

@Rose, every time you mention your weather, I think about your beautiful view!

The sun is out, and I am freshly back from a 5K along a quiet road except for the frogs who stayed up all night looking for love and the blue heron squawking along riverbank looking for a mullet breakfast.

Don’t laugh, but after two decades, I have finally mustered the resolve to get rid of all but a single bin of my kids baby clothes today. I’m stopping terribly sentimental that I should be doing it with a bottle of scotch (which I have never tried :lol:), but I am convinced that if I am ever to have grandchildren, I need get rid of all the kids stuff :sunglasses: - well, that and the attic is full. When I expressed all of this to my children they just raised their eyebrows and stared at me blankly. Only moms will understand :slightly_smiling_face:.

Stay warm or stay cool, as the case may be, and have a nice day!


Thank you @Surfermom .

I understand you, as a mother. I only got round to throwing some baby clothes away a few years ago, when we renovated the attic. I’m still keeping some of the “special” clothes though, all my daughter’s dolls are in her wardrobe and my son’s cars and lego are all kept in a safe place :smiley:

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M.M being a Dr should have known the risks and dangers of being out in 40+ degree sunshine. Ok yes sad news but even his wife is a DR, so they both knew the risk. Did he think that carrying an ubrella makes any difference?

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My kids are always throwing stuff away. I have a box full of useful baby clothes that I have rescued from the bin, washed and kept just in case they have more. Oh yes includes my daughter’s Winnie the Pooh bear, you never know - it might come in useful one day (probably my dotage).

I hate throwing stuff away.