Good morning Sunday 22nd January 2023

Morning all!

I found a streaming service I used to watch called Freevee and found a show that looks interesting. Sun was shining.

I’m hoping for a peaceful day today.

Have a good day everyone.

Morning butter and all to follow.

As I did a stint at the allotment yesterday, and can’t do anymore till the ground softens, might have another restful day. Will cook a roast meal lunchtime, and have a library book to get back into.

And yesterday, as there was nothing on tv, I continued watching The Grand Tour on Prime.

Oooh, exciting, the latest and last Jurassic World is on Sky Movies on Friday. Saves me paying to rent on Prime.

Yesterday through sheer laziness and tiredness, I only walked Holly twice out of her usual four times, left out the lunchtime one, went out about 6, then she went in the garden later. And again about 1am. After gardening I went to bed for an hour. Lovely!

Looks a bit frosty out there again, sigh.

Morning all, I can’t believe it, we have both only just got up at 8am, its not like us.

Poppy is doing well now back to playing, I have hurt my back though.

Not going out today.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning everyone

I wonder where Barry has got to…hope he is OK

Nothing much planned today after a busy couple of days with grandkids. I might suggest a trip to the designer centre at York but hubby will very probably veto that.

Have a good day everyone…stay warm

Summer, Barry has been away recently. I think they are home but he might be busy with the family.

Good morning!

Grey & freezing cold weather here, and I will be staying in with a few easy jobs -

Writing a couple of proper pen & paper letters, & washing up - I must be getting old if that’s the most exciting part of my day!

I’ve spent time on the computer. Redeemed the last amount on the voucher my sis gave me, £10 to spend in b&m. This is how it has to be done, you can’t just go into a shop and hand it over!

Then I went onto Wilko’s site, and have ordered for collection a potting bench (£35) and a medium walk in greenhouse. The latter is reduced to £35. I just have to hope I find my way into the car park and can get them into the car. Will need to put back seats down. I have to unload the boot this week as car going in for service and MOT on Wednesday.

Going to cook the roast now.

Afternoon all. Cold and foggy but as usual we strolled the dogs. Ours, Ozzie, and a friend who has a little terrier called Gracie. They all behaved beautifully which I think reflects on the owners

Good morning all

Planned on going on a ramble this morning with one of my local groups however the group leader has tested positive with covid and a couple of the group appear to be down with the dreaded “lurgy” one of whom is the backup leader so the walk was cancelled last night. Went for a walk nearer to home. Cold but very enjoyable. Home and a fair bit of tidying and vacuuming now doing nothing had a nice roast dinner yesterday (due to the walk) we normally have lunch out.

So doing not much now a shower later and listen to the local radio gardening hour.

Have a good day all