Good Morning Saturday, 8th June 2024

Good morning everybody who follows here where ever in the world you are, hope you are all feeling well (and that @mart continues his recovery).

At least for me the rain has disappeared and while it is not yet actually sunny the temperature has just hit 20°, so while I wouldn’t describe it as hot at least I am not shivering. Personally I dislike winter very much and after all that rain the ground is saturated, I squelch my way down the garden.

Not much planned for the weekend, when you are retired it is just another day but this weekend has King Charlie’s birthday tagged on to the end. Personally I will be doing exciting jobs like changing the windscreen wipers on my car and packing more of my holiday stuff away.

What do you have planned for your weekend?


Good Morning/Afternoon Bruce and all of you stragglers who have not yet looked in…Wakey Wakey!.:nerd_face:
Mid teens here with a very cool breeze but not cold enough for trousers… :shorts:
Rest day today with just a visit to the Tesco with Mrs Fox and friend who has kindly offered to drive us as I’m not allowed to drive for two weeks…Should be okay for next Saturday’s shopping trip… :oncoming_automobile:
Family coming for tea and to make sure I’m not doing anything daft… :biking_man:
Hope Mart continues to make a good recovery… :+1:
@Surfermom …The App is ‘Sportractive’ and I found it on my ‘Google Play Store’ on Android but I would imagine they do a version for Apple i phone, I just think you look like an Apple i phone girl to me… :smile:
It records mileage and speed, and lots of other interesting things… :astonished:


Good afternoon - A bit late but I’ve been OK enough to drive Mrs Mart to a quilt show this morning, about 7 miles away …and install and tune up a new TV. They are as light as a feather these days anyway. Not like the real TVs were back in my day. :slight_smile: I’m a bit sore in the nether regions but no more than that.

I’ll have to go and get Mrs Mart when she’s had enough of looking at quilts and no doubt bought a few crafty items. Staying with her all day for that would have been more of a trial than the recent op. :slight_smile:


Good afternoon everyone, another very hot day, 35C at the moment :sun_with_face:


Good morning from the calm estuarial waters of Florida, where three unfortunate tourists were badly bitten by sharks within a single day. It’s rare for even one incident to happen, and now everyone is out to kill the sharks, despite an unprecedented number or people entering the gulf or fishing too close to the shore and other swimmers with bait that attracts - sharks. Sometimes I wonder about our species… :thinking:.

I am commiserative of your dislike of cold, @Bruce, and hope things stay warm. I often think how the aphelion and perihelion would amplify your seasons if it wasn’t for all that water.

Thank you for the tip, @OldGreyFox . Too funny that you predicted that I have an iPhone :smile:. I confess that I am all things Apple, but that mostly started because of their wonderfully compact iPods, which I still occasionally use when running. I also enjoyed the fact that there are fewer malware viruses targeting MacBooks. Their commercial appeal? It matters not.

The ambiance of home is solemn but thankfully peaceful here this morning, as I confess that I am still moping about over the loss of my beloved dog. Life goes on though, and from the looks of the flowers in bloom, the pelicans diving out back and the little plovers swooping about, nature is reminding me…but sometimes I’d like to put on the brakes .

After a short but pleasant run down the road and through a nearby neighborhood, several bureaucratic projects await before taking a drive to look at lots for the inevitable downsizing. Timing is not great; inventory is low and owners are hanging on to the ridiculously high pre-inflation prices. No matter, I am happy to have the excuse to get out into the world and away from accounting software for a few days! It’s a lovely day, so a bit of looking, a nice walk on the beach, and perhaps a tall glass of unsweet iced tea (which is what you get if your order “tea” in the U.S) with lime will inspire a well-needed reset. And with that cup of cognitive dissonance, I am off :grin:

Have a very nice day!



Sitting around Saturday, nothing to do
should I take a walk or visit the zoo.
Find the number of a really old friend
call them up, find out how they’ve been.
Mow the lawn, weed the garden
let it grow – dear neighbors, beg my pardon.
Wash the car, wax the old girl
throw clothes in the dryer, give them a twirl.
Sweep the floors, pick up the dust
clean the grill, remove the rust.
The options are clear – the work must be done
but I really want to be out on the run.
Meet new friends, visit new places
the thought of it all – my blood races.
Life’s too short to worry and fret
try new things for the joy you’ll get.
Don’t sit around Saturday with chores to do
or housework surely will make you blue.

Patricia Walter 2000

Have a lovely Saturday.


People’s attitude to sharks are a funny thing. Along the east coast of NSW we have shark nets rolled out each summer despite annual protests for them to be replaced with smart drumlines.

The by catch with the nets is horrendous - especially non target sharks, whales, dolphins, sunfish and stingrays - plus the sharks are often actually caught in the inside of the nets ie leaving the beach areas.

Sometimes I don’t think we are very bright.

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