Good Morning Friday 05/08/22


Good Morning All.

Much cooler here, only 10C last night and a maximum of 17C forecast.

More light gardening today, my heavy clay is baked solid, and a lot of watering to do, luckily no hosepipe ban.

Have a good day all.

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Good morning Swimmers and those to come yet.

Off out at 7.45am to do our weekly shopping, then back home and wait in for Doctors phone call.

Having a BQ at lunch time.

Have a nice day all.

Monring everyone! Got woken up at 4am by an owl, of all things. Wanted to stay up and see the sunrise, but gave the dog her meds and fell asleep again shortly afterwards. Its a cold start, with 16°C being as high as it gets, later in the day.

August, pfft!!

Anyway, have a lovely day everybody :wave:

Good Morning/Afternoon eveyone.

Am glad to say it is much cooler here today.

Will be venturing out with a friend to do some shopping - and am sure lunch will be involved.

Have a fun day.

Drove to Canberra this morning for one of my Grandson’s 11th birthday party, sunny but COLD! 15°Max, plummets to 4° tonight. I brought my hot water bottle.

Take care

Good Morning!

It was a bit dull earlier, but seems to be improving slightly

I have a slight sniffle and feel a bit bleary so I think I’ll get back under the duvet for a couple of hours
Then hopefully I’ll be able to do some shopping

I was hoping to go to a public Tai Chi session in a local park this afternoon; I’ll see how I feel closer to the time

Waves to everyone good morning all.
It’s a comfortable 15° here.
Still to cosy under my 1tog I’m having a lay in …thought it was Saturday.
Had planned to go to the Saturday market , that will have to wait till tomorrow :crazy_face:

Good morning everybody.

After having my nine year old grandson for an overnight stay all I want to do today is take it easy.
Maybe a walk through the woods after we’ve taken him home this afternoon.

Have a good day all…


Seeing dermatology this morning, and Holly will go to her carer for 5 hrs. Allows me plenty of time for the morning. No idea what the decision will be and how long to wait. If I’m finished early I might drive down to Gorleston sea front for a coffee.

Morning all.
A perfect morning here. Sunny, but much cooler, so nice and comfortable.

I have to go into town and collect a couple of things I ordered, then hopefully I can spend the afternoon at home sorting out some new roses which I haven’t had time to plant out yet.

Enjoy your day folks.


Change of plan for me, fed up of staying in, so went out as I am now allowed to drive again.

Lidl, some amazing bargains, haircut, cashpoint and the pharmacy.

All on my own as well.

Having a rest now, then out into the garden.

Morning all!

Lawn watered. Cooler today than yesterday night. The temperature didn’t drop at all that whole night.

Every day this week has been one unexpected thing after another. Dare I hope for a relaxing day today?

Sad that my potato chips (crisps) didn’t arrive in my last grocery order. They ran out after I ordered them. But I got some other good stuff to munch on. That’s the plan for today.

Have a spectacular day everyone.