F1 - Brazil : São Paulo

I like it because minimal guidelines have to be followed on the cars. So if you think you can manage a rocket go for it. Those turns give new definition to hairpin. You’ll love it!

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Short and good.

Thanks Danny! So, Colorado.

Altitude 10,000 climbing to over 14,000

Differing weather conditions.

Any type of car can be on the podium!

One lap only, on race day so you either get it right or you’re out!

What’s not to love about Pikes Peak race


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A good advert for electric cars…

What happens to the poor buggers who roll off the hillside? No fatalities, I trust?


Good question! :icon_cool:

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Has anyone died on Pikes Peak race?

The event has had a rich history of motorcycle competition, dating back to the very first running in 1916. However, of the seven deaths that have occurred at the hill climb, four of those were riders in the motorcycle competition.Aug 12, 2021

Consequently they don’t allow motorcycles anymore.

Wow, that’s hectic

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I guess I like it because it’s unforgiving. You swerve too far right off you go. You swerve too far left it’s a mountain, nothing but rock. Really gotta be on you’re A game.

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Sounds perfect! 224 days to go until the next race !!! :icon_cool:

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This is going to be an epic race!!!

Hammy! From P10 to P3 in 7 laps!!!

Give that man a Bell’s!!!


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What a race!!

Well deserved by Hammy!!!

He is the GOAT !!!


Fantastic race, just shows why lewis is a seven time world champion, Mercedes will have the fastest car too at the final three races, max will have his work cut out…

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Edge of your seat racing! Now, that’s entertainment!

I’m still perplexed as to why Verstappen wasn’t penalised for running Hamilton wide. It was an appalling and biased decision by the stewards. It’s the same concerning Verstappen tampering with the Merc’s rear wing causing it to fail a second gap test.

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@LongDriver l don’t think Max caused it to fail LD,
He was merely pointing out the transgression to the stewards ??:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
I agree the stewards decisions should be more consistent .
Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking:

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I found it incredulous :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Absolutely! But good on Hammy for showing them!

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