Discount coupons

We get coupons via the royal mail from companies such as food supermarkets , but I was wondering how many on here use the discounts on the interweb such as one search engine called “honey”?
Before I buy anything on the interweb I do check to see if there are any discounts found by this free to download and use platform. Sometimes it doesn’t find any on its search engine . For example I just got a £1.40 discount on a product costing £24, ok may only be a small amount but better than no discount

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A couple days ago I got a £10 screwfix voucher .
I might use it.

I nearly always try and negotiate my own discount depending on where I am and on what I am seeking to obtain a discount. You would be surprised at the amount of times I am given a discount and on what items. If you don’t ask, you could be missing out.

I miss Green Shield stamps.


My parents had a very nice porcelain dinner service courtesy of green shield stamps which I am pretty sure came from tesco (the stamps). I remember when it arrived and how excited they were unpacking it. We had it for years. It was white bone china with gold edging.

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I am still using a lot of tools I got with Green Shield stamps, I vaguely remember that they had a shop in or near Finsbury Park where I lived for a while that I used to take my books to.

Only recently did my grease gun from that shop go in the bin purely because there seems to be nothing that has a grease nipple these days and the cans of grease no longer come with the internal “lid” to fill them any more.


I found a book of Green Shield Stamps Bruce whilst looking for something i have misplaced,it`s half full but full of memories about my parents.

I still remember the gummy taste of Green Shield Stamps. You’d lick them and try and stick them neatly in the little book. Mine usually were askew, not that it mattered.