COVID-19: 40% of Omicron hospitalisations in London are unvaccinated adults

So, the “90%” figure is out there - are those reports (or similar) BJ’s alleged “doctors” … :wink:

The rate of up take varies in different areas.

My daughter area in a small area of Islington is much lower than my area.

UK Summary | Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK (

Thank you for the links.

It does sound to me as if the 90% figure might refer to the reports which said 90% weren’t fully vaccinated, which might mean they’d had no vaccinations, or just one, or two but no booster.

And that Johnson got confused.

These are serious times and he really should be accurate


The inventor (one of them) of mRNA vaccines just got banned from Twitter.

Hmmm … interesting

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He’s being deceived like he has done throughout the pandemic. He has been made a prime candidate for it due to him nearly losing his life over Covid.

BJ doesn’t know the meaning of accurate … :man_shrugging:

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Neither do you

Boris is now using the term “not boosted” instead of “unvaccinated”

So… more vaccinated people are in hospital than those that are not “vaccinated and boosted”…

The first and second vaccines don’t work.

Is this ever going to make sense ?

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Well, not to me, it isn’t

Does that mean the first and second vaccines don’t work

Or that they did work but have now stopped working?

Or that they only work now if you have a booster as well?

It means the vaccines worked initially and offered some protection … usually up in the 80 or 90% region but never the desired and hoped for 100%.
Their efficacy has waned and reduced… I think at first they hoped for an annual vaccination and they soon had to abandon that hope … so along came the booster to ‘top up’ people’s immunity.
Which stands at around 70% for two vaccines + 1 booster
Except now research shows that after 10 weeks that too fades.

This is why they’ve always said it was a race between the administration of vaccines and the virus.
And why they get concerned about new mutant strains … as the vaccines were not tailored for them.

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Yes, I thought there was a distinct air of panic when they found out about Omicron. They didn’t know how bad the mutation would be.

Luckily, not too bad, I think.

But that doesn’t mean the next mutation won’t be. We are far from out of the woods yet.

Although I read somewhere, but can’t find it now, that virus mutations tend to get less deadly.

Its going round in circles, and the kids are still trying to put a square peg into an round hole.

not in the article I posted ref Jul to Sep data. The booster wasn’t launched until Sept.

There was an interesting interview on GB news tonight about the vaccines.

My OH says he is not having any more now he’s had the first 2 plus booster.

the 90% in the CCG publication is referring to dose 1 & 2 not the booster. Seem to be lots of 90% goalposts moving.


depends on whether they jump to animals then back to humans.

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I don’t think he’ll be alone in that … we’re all feeling a bit like pin cushions.

the radio report said he was in Milton Keynes at a vaccination centre. I’ve not been able to locate a source for his 90% assertion. It’s a pretty annoying thing to say without any evidence of data. Unvaccinated yes I’d agree with him, but unboosted would need solid evidence.

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It was announced by Sajid Javed in early December if I recall

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Just watch the bullshit from the MSM reach an eye watering new level in the next few days.

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