Cooking for One Only!

today I varied my diet slightly - using turkey mince which I imagined would be tasty with a distinct flavour of its own plus slice onion fried together in the wok then add noodles and mixed frozen vegies that had been steeped in boiling water for 20 mins plus a few asian spices and of course a sprinkling of salt.

the turkey didn’t work - it was tasteless hmm but the spices worked and it filled a space for a while - no meats from WW will work anymore methinks - one has to shop for more select pieces from further afield - in fields to be precise! but it will last me for a few days so now must put the remainder in the fridge!

decided to try an old friend of mine 'vietnamese spring rolls - they can be tricky wickies? - hint get all pieces together cos you have to work quiet quick.

the wrapper needs to be sat on damp teatowel the sprinkled with hottish water to flex it!

Insert all inserts - lettuce pieces - prawns ; chicken bits ; spices etc etc then
wrap the wrapper around then turning in the sides and rolling forward - all sounds simple heh!

or I did try some thai noodle inserts but they got quite sticky and stuck a lot!

still I consumed the whole 5 I made and they are very filling - but much more practice is needed - how these girls in the restaurants do them so quickly is amazing - you just put the order in and out they come toot suite!


Hello gumbud.

Firstly I believe you right, practice makes perfect, I was useless at making pizza, …I was determined to make a good dough, the topping was easy, my son says my dough is great “ NOW”, it did take quite a bit of practice though.

I haven’t made spring rolls, so will look a recipe up and try it, then get back to you, on the preparation side of things,:+1:

I do believe with cooking, it must interest you, I started experimenting with cooking from the age of around 14, some start much younger,…

Anyway, well done with what you have achieved so far, keep practicing…:+1:

For those who mainly cook for one, then there is a nice read from Wendy Hobson👇


thanks Pauline ‘we’ thought that we had lost you for ever and ever - so relieved to see you back again - how is Basingstoke these days?

that looks good too! yes we need to be more adventurous and not just stick to cheese on toast!!

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today I resorted to my favourite recipe - chicken chunks fried in the wok with one full sliced onion - asian sauces both dry and wet added plus a teaspoon of salt.

handfuls of mixed vegies added also and finally any kind of noodle you fancy - stir fry until all cooked and serve for one - add asian sauces as reqd

I did cook some sweet potatoes - boiled the other day but forgot they were boiling till the well ran dry and they have turned out edible but very soggy - must try not to be forgetful when the gas stove is on [using a small camp one atm - that is another story - so it don’t take long for da gas to degas!]

coffee - always start the day with a black one with sweeteners only. My son buys them in bulk supplies and then flashes a few over to me! - use in any kind of coffee preparation mode - but being poor and simple I just jack a tablespoon into a large mug and pour on boiling water add sweetners to taste and allow to settle - you do get a sludge eventually in the bottom. I dropped in the OAP centre the other day for breakie - and had one of theirs - yuk and a coffee out of a jar yuk see wot I mean - the breakie was bacon - scrabbled egg [tasteless] ; fried tomato -can’t spoil that heh!] the rest was just mush I think - cannot stand Butlins style meals!!

  1. A meal for half a week!! - minced turkey lightly fried with cooke prawns added in the wok

  2. add de-frosted mixed vegies after turkey fully cooked - continue mixing with turkey and prawns

  3. prepare dried noodles by soaking in boiled water then sieved in colinder and added to above and slowly mixed in large wok

  4. add favorite spices to suit

store surplus in sealed receptacle in fridge

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Sounds tasty!

Cheapo pea and ham soup

I use one can of Asda Smartprice mushy peas , one decent quality ham stock cube and seasoning.

Simply add the peas to a small saucepan, add the stock with your desired seasoning and give it a quick blitz with a stick blender as it heats.

The trick is adding the right amount off stock, much depends on personal preference, I don’t like my pea and ham soup to be too runny.

that sounds interesting and will eventually give it a try - here’s something similar but with rice that I saw in the guardian paper on line:

Rice dishes alone that will amaze you!


Yeah… thanks gumbud!
Those rice balls look interesting :+1:


Really enjoying this thread, lots of new things.

I enjoy cooking, however now I am on a low potassium diet I am having to ditch a lot of my favourites and learn new ones.

That sounds like a bit of a minefield swimfeeders.
This may be a silly question but how do you acertain how much potassium is in a meal, do you have to take each and every ingredient into consideration and do a Google before totting it all up?


You have to look hard, but the info is available, but mostly American, so you have to convert ounces and cups to gms.

The cookbooks and online recipes show the total amount of potassium per serving and there are tables showing the amount of potassium in types of fruits, vegetables and common things like ketchup.

It is all complicated in that I am also on a low fat diet,.

I do have one meal a week where I just eat what I want, within reason.


That shows just how easy it is to take things for granted.

Aren’t you seeing an NHS dietician for this?

This may contain some handy info for you:

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Thanks for that Mups, yes, I use that and others.

Locally there is a long waiting list for NHS Dietician referrals.

My local NHS Trust is in special measures and has over 600 vacancies.

My GP told me yesterday that they have to wait 12 to 15 weeks for the results of an outpatient CT Scan.