Conservative Party Leadership Contest 2022

Was that a part drag act from the 1970s?

HUH? What do you mean?

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The name of an act. … Brace and Turbulence,

kinda like Hinge and Bracket.

New one on me. :thinking::grinning:


The narrowness of her victory is no consolation to me, she still won.

I hope that I am wrong in my assessment of her.

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You’re not alone!!

There is no hope … :090:

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Anyone fancy a holiday in Waco?

Good grief, she has been in the job about 30 minutes and already being attacked, she is now responsible for the end of the world as we know it


“Woe, destruction, ruin, and decay; the worst is death and death will have his day.”

― William Shakespeare, Richard II

I feel that maybe we’re being too pessimistic. After all, it won’t be for long and in a couple of months we’ll be in cryogenic sleep as we can’t afford to turn on the heating, so we’ll probably not notice too much of it anyway.

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I stand before you now as your Prime Minister.

With a bold vision for the country and a bold vision for our economy, which consists entirely of me saying the words ‘bold’ and ‘vision’ repeatedly.

I stand before you with adjectives and the sort of business-speak terms you hear Lord Sugar say on the Apprentice, and I will keep repeating them until you realise that I am a serious person who sounds impressive.

On the campaign trail people have often asked me ‘what do you really stand for Liz?’ – to which my answer is: ‘tell me what you believe in and then I will tell you the same thing back again in slightly different words.’ I am a woman of principles. Other people’s principles. And if you don’t like them, just tell me and I’ll change them to what you think instead.

There’s more of the same, which, of course, is not to be taken seriously … :047:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I really did laugh out loud while I was reading that “alternative speech” -
Excellent! So funny. :rofl: … but uncannily true, I fear! :cold_sweat: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


The satirists are having a field day

She looks like she’s about to faint :lol:
Rishi looks like he’s about to cry :lol:

Time to bring on an early election?


The fresh face of Liz Truss.

I wonder if she will still look as fresh faced, after a year in office, that’s if she lasts that long.

I know absolutely nothing about politics, I wish her all the best.:+1:

I personally don’t think she will last long.

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Think she said something about leading them to victory in the next GE in 2024. And she’s a woman not for turning. Her word is her bond.

So, yep, probably one next Spring around the first vote of no confidence. :wink:

I’m sure that it won’t be long coming … the mood of the party will be evident soon:

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I am so sure about an early election, the Tories are behind in the pollls and the first supersized energy bills have yet to actually arrive and an election could be a dangerous thing.

Labour could well not want to win an early election, whoever is in power next year is going to have an awful mess to sort out.