Brexit has completely failed for UK, say clear majority of Britons – poll

Yes I agree Lincs, but it will be the EU that will crumble as countries lose patience with it’s unrealistic open borders and net zero strategy. There has never been an example of large empires lasting too long. Countries just don’t like to be ordered about Bureaucratic nomarks.

For gawd sake. It wasn’t opinions, it was the economy, so it was facts. You’ve probably heard it from other outlets, but as it’s good news for the UK, you dismiss it.

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The demise of the EU is a lot of talk and no evidence or even real signs of this happening. It is not an empire, it is a bloc. And membership of it has been greatly underpinned by Brexit. No serious politician in any EU country is now advocating taking their country out of the EU. Besides, I think you’ve got your timescales all muddled up. The Roman empire lasted over a thousand years. The Ottoman empire lasted over 600 years. The EU was formed out of the EEC in 1993, so its now only 30 years old. A good few hundred years to go then…

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As its the daily express some will sneer and not take any notice BUT.


The Express is simply repeating the promo stuff by the research firm Brand Finance, so the only sneering will be at the concept of defining and measuring “soft power” and the obviously wrong results. And not just wrong in the results by this one research firm but lots of them:

What I mean by wrong results is the low rating of China and the high rating of other countries such as Switzerland or Denmark. China is now hugely influential across Africa and Asia - much more so than the US or the UK. And the inconsistency across these different research firms tells us the science is not there, its guess work, its hocus pocus.
But whoop, well done UK, I’m sure that second place (again) will solve all our problems. I mean we all noticed the difference last year when UK came second, didn’t we?
(Yes, I am implying that the Express is clutching at straws.)

Things don’t look too rosy for France, wonder if Brexit is getting blamed for that too:

I think you’ll find that a change in management of some countries presently members of the EU will change that in an instant
The Ottoman and Roman Empire’s survived because they were stronger and more powerful than the countries they occupied, I think we do things more democratically these days. Change is on the way Lincs, you better buckle yourself up for a bumpy ride.

Which ones are you talking about? Are those the same countries that have “dictators” (as you claimed recently and did not name any)?

What “bumpy ride” do you expect from the collapsing EU or some EU leaving countries?
The UK is “world beating”, “Number one”, “sovereign”, “free from the EU” and all that.
Is there really anything at all that might pose the slightest threat to the UK?

I didn’t say any countries had dictators Frank, if you had read my post correctly, you would have seen that I said the EU was run by dictators because the main players in the EU had not been elected by anyone except themselves.

I would point out that I do not read much about Politics with a B as I see that genre…
I ordered from a British company sheets and new pillows as had received two sets of sheets with pillow cases from M & S…quality was fit for nothing, shocked and horrified as when washed on low temp they came out looking like rags… over the many years of buying Dorma Bedding that was really 1st Class quatlity and no iron…well as I wander…back to the order…They wrote saying that they were not available in the UK but would come from another EU company and be delivered with a delay and apologies…Arrived soon enough and very Happy with the goods…as for M & S they could not even answer my complaint…So some companies go out there way to supply our orders and many are just saying sorry with the latest rules now in place we cannot deliver at this time to any EU country… :alien: obviously

This is probably due to my poor English. However, quoting from your post

I assumed that “EU and it’s dictators” means that the EU actually has dictators. When I asked you which ones you meant, you did not reply.

I thought that an expression like “an entity X and it’s property Y” means that X has or entails Y.
Can you confirm that I completely misunderstood your post? Or maybe the English language is more complicated than I thought.

Many Countries are facing poor results on economy so keep going on about the EU as if they are Aliens to many Views, is quite daft…I am very unknowledgeable on Politics but it takes no brains to see the light.

and your talk on Dictatorship now that is pure cockoo talk…The French are Protesters to changes they don’t agree with they don’t just voice they protest. Talk of dictatorship is pure garbage and they only muck the French Spread is on Their Crops…

At 60+ years old, the only “Free Movement” folks should worry about is the Bowel region :grin:

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I completely agree! In the EU there is no omni-powerful “Brussels” or any “dictators”.
Who would that omni-powerful-omni-potent-Brussels-dictators be? There are members like in a club.

And: they have to agree on important things UNANIMOUSLY. They decide on aspects together.

Years ago, when the UK was an EU member, they **decided ** laws and regulations together with the others.

How can this feeling arise that there is/was an evil devil in Brussels who was so selfish to decide only for himself (and all other EU-members except the UK)?

I mean - honestly… :see_no_evil:

I’d love to know the names of some “serious politicians”.

This might be easier than you might expect. Just wait some time for those politicians in the EU who try to force an EU exit.

  1. Erase the names of those politicians from the set of all politicians and you get a subset of politicians who may be “serious”.

That subset may still contain “unserious” politicians but after point (1) the set has become much smaller.

was that too theoretical? :innocent:

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So you are in love with EU and consider them like the second coming of Christ, thats fine Dianne, each of us are entitled to our opinions, but you live in France don’t you? I wouldn’t expect you to bite the hand that feeds you…

Could you repeat the question Frank? :017:

Sure, no problem. You wrote about the “EU and it’s dictators” in your post.
I understood it in the same way as

A mother and her child or
A car and it’s wheels or
A cat and it’s tail.

These statements imply that the entity which was named first (mother, car and cat) actually have the second named entity (child, wheels, tail).

So consequently from your post I could assume that the EU actually has dictators.

My question then was wether I completely misunderstood your statement which I cited above.

Okay Frank…The EU is a dictator, it’s also a bully and uses trade to intimidate people and countries. It’s set up a European monopoly and can make up laws and rules and freeze out any country that doesn’t concede. They are deliberately putting obstacles in the way to make sure that Brexit doesn’t work and set an example to other countries.
Some British politicians were under the impression that the common market would be a good thing to encourage trade with other European countries. But that was never the plan was it. We were conned, and our spineless politicians (who were probably on the EU gravy train) are too soft to stand up to Brussels, only Margaret Thatcher eventually cottoned on but she was stabbed in the back by her own. Nigel Farage also saw through the deception, but he has lost the momentum and might have even been ‘got at’…But don’t believe what is claimed in the header of this thread, most of the people in the UK are still against being a member of the EU, especially in the North and East of the country and we will never return, not in my lifetime anyway.
It’s just a pity that some europeans take our leaving personally, it was never about the Germans, French, Spanish, Italians or Dutch, who I have always considered as friends, it was the Bureaucratic nonsense that is the EU…