Bit of scariness in my latest dream

Huge rocks started falling from the sky.
The were not burning up as meteorites do. Just massive rocks, by their thousands.
People were running around hither and tither trying not to be hit.
The longer the event went on, the more rocks were plummeting to Earth.
Many people were being directly hit by the falling rocks, dying of course.
Strange things started happening. Once the rocks settled on the ground, half buried, they took on the form of faces and were looking all around. Even stranger, there were brightly flashing shoes appearing all over.
I put on the shoes and as I watched a large rock heading directly for me, it diverted away from me.
The shoes had protected me? I told other people to put on the shoes but there were not enough for everyone and many people continued to die.
I woke up then.
Reminded me a bit of the Movie, Earthfall, which was rather bad.


You have to stop eating cheese on toast in the evening .

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Then my esoteric dream might become boring. :face_holding_back_tears: :smiley:

Wow that is some dream

Weird dreams are normal for me. :smile:

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I have anxiety dreams all the time.
They are probably unresolved issues we supress during the day
but come out in sleep because we can not conciously repress them


My dreams /nightmares are always the same
Trying to run away from someone , but cant quite get there !
Most prob my ex hubby , im running away from LOL

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