Birmingham and Black Country, UK's Crooked House - Owners of wonky pub ordered to rebuild

They have been released under conditional police bail as inquiries into the fire continue.

Protesters angry at the demolition have camped out at the site since Monday to watch over the foundations and bricks.

I wonder if this is significant:

Dissociating himself from a company under investigation … :thinking:

No further developments and no more reports of the Taylors in Corfu … :thinking:

this is gonna run out as a very interesting tale - at least half the nation is watching if not more!!

The ceremony will see the contractors at the Crooked House and the demonstrators both place locks on the containers storing the original bricks of the building to secure them from theft.

The ceremony will be marked with a small event by Black Country singer-songwriter and comedian, Johnny Cole, who will perform for workers and demonstrators alike.

Yes, the “demonstrators” are still guarding the site … :+1:

Adam and Carly Taylor are still, AFAIK, in Corfu.

Adam and Carly Taylor are, AFAIK, now in their third week at the £20k pw villa in Corfu.

A company linked to the owner of the destroyed Crooked House pub was taken to court over a failure to comply with Environment Agency (EA) orders. The notice was issued to Himley Environmental Limited in 2021, which operates a landfill site and was at the time run by Adam Taylor, the husband of the wonky pub’s owner Carly Taylor.

The notice related to a failure to comply with permit requirements to install appropriate infrastructure to collect and treat landfill gas. It was not complied with, said the EA, leading to it instigating proceedings against the company in the High Court. An agreement was eventually reached with necessary works completed in the summer of 2022, it said.

The landfill lies next to the site where the 18th Century pub, famed for its sloping walls and floor, stood in Himley, near Dudley.

Plainly, AT believes in doing what he likes, when he likes … :roll_eyes:

Staffordshire Police said the latest arrest had been made after officers had trawled through CCTV footage and spoken to people who had come forward with information.

All three of those arrested have been released and are on conditional bail, the force said.

Still no Taylors, though … :017:

Staffordshire Police have launched an investigation after a man and a woman were attacked by a “group of people” at the site in Himley, Staffordshire on Saturday evening. According to the force, the two victims got in a car following the attack and tried to drive away but were “obstructed”.

A woman who was walking nearby was then hit by the vehicle. She was taken to hospital but did not suffer serious injuries and has since been discharged. The car drove away from the scene but the man and woman inside later contacted police to report what had happened.

According to StokeonTrentLive, the disorder at the site home to the Crooked House pub occurred after an unofficial event with food and drink provided, which was unconnected to the main Save The Crooked House (Let’s Get It Re-built) Facebook campaign. Campaign co-ordinator Paul Turner said the administrators of the Facebook group had advised people to stay away from the site before Saturday’s incident.

Detectives are now looking into what happened and are keen to hear from witnesses who may have seen what occurred. No arrests have been made at this stage. In a statement, Staffordshire Police said: "We’re investigating reports of disorder at the Crooked House on Saturday evening (September 9). It happened at the site on Himley Road at around 8.30pm. We understand that a man and a woman were assaulted by a group of people while in the area. "Both of them got into a car following the incident and tried to drive away but were obstructed. The car was then involved in a collision with a pedestrian. Fortunately, the pedestrian, a woman, was not seriously injured.

Surely not the Taylors … :open_mouth:

Adam and Carly Taylor are, AFAIK, now in their fourth week at the £20k pw villa in Corfu.


A 23-year-old man has been arrested over a blaze that tore through the Crooked House pub. The man, from Leicestershire, was detained on Tuesday on suspicion of conspiracy to commit arson with intent or being reckless as to whether life was endangered, police said. He has been released on conditional bail while the investigation continues.

Four men and a woman previously arrested as part of the investigation all remain on conditional bail, Staffordshire Police said.

The woman, 34, and a man, 44, both also from Leicestershire, were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit arson with intent or being reckless as to whether life was endangered.

Three other men, aged 66, 51 and 33, had been held on suspicion of arson with intent to endanger life.

No sign of the Taylors, though.


The man and woman are the Taylors.

Many thanks for the update … :+1:

I’m delighted to hear that they’ve been collared … :smiley:


They have been arrested and bailed.

They have an army of highly paid lawyers.

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Much good may it do them … :roll_eyes:

being a ‘brit abroad’ I have found this story to be sinister and disgusting but sincerely hope it does not reflect the vast better two thirds of the british population. Clearly an intent to destroy an historic feature of UK life and surrounds purely I would imagine for profit. A most despicable and depraved crime. But of course no more despicable than pouring polluted waters into healthy rivers and riding electric bikes in a dangerous many around our fair isle?

AFAIK, no developments in the investigation, if any have been made, have been released.

More than 100 people returned to the ruins of the Crooked House pub to mark six months since it was destroyed. A memory wall was set up at the site where fans of the iconic pub shared their memories on Saturday. Dudley North MP Marco Longhi, who had fought for a law to protect heritage pubs, also attended at the event.

“This is an act of commitment from the community, very publicly, where we are renewing our vows to see the Crooked House rebuilt brick by brick,” he said. “That’s what the community wants and that’s what we are pursuing.”

More than 35,000 people have thrown their support behind a campaign to see the pub rebuilt brick by brick.

Staffordshire Police is treating the blaze as arson. Five men and one woman were arrested in connection with the fire and remain on bail.

Still no developments in the investigation.

The owners of The Crooked House pub have been ordered to rebuild “Britain’s wonkiest inn” after it was destroyed last year in a suspected arson attack. South Staffordshire Council has served an enforcement notice on the owners of the pub in Himley, near Dudley. The council said it had engaged with the owners since the demolition but had reached a point where formal action was considered necessary.

It requires the building to be built back to what it was prior to the fire.

Staffordshire Police said five men and one woman were arrested in connection with the fire, which the force is treating as arson, and remain on conditional bail. A woman, 34, and two men, aged 23 and 44, all from Leicestershire, have been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit arson with intent or being reckless as to whether life was endangered. Three other men, aged 66, 51 and 33, had been held on suspicion of arson with intent to endanger life.

That is unexpected and very welcome news … :smiley:


They’re gonna need some wonky spirit levels!!!

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