Birds in my garden

Birds feeding



Beautiful pictures! :camera:

Welcome to the forum, alan! :slight_smile:

Welcome Alan.We had lots of Blackbirds once.In fact they planted lots of bushes in the garden by pooing the seed.But our local Noisy Miner Birds chased them away.Starlings we don’t have,Nice pics.

Hi Alan great pics

I see you have starlings

I have loads of rooks Jackdaws and starlings .
The gobble up everything in about five minutes .the little birds come after for their crumbs .
But the RSPB says starling numbers are falling so this is a good thing .

Not in my back yard :grinning:

thanks for the piccies Alan, love to see birdies, and welcome to the forum, like the birds, we get fed by matron 6pm prompt

Thank you all for the welcome and comments received. Photography is a hobby of mine so watch this space. :slightly_smiling_face:


Lovely photos of the birds Alan, they are always welcome.

A warm welcome to you, I hope you enjoy the forum… :slightly_smiling_face:




Hi Alan. Welcome from me too. As it happens I also share an interest in photography. This is from my previous garden.

And flowers

Nice ones, have been into photography for many years

Thanks Mags