Ants in the attic 2

Vampires in the vaults

Wombles on the common at Wimbledon

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Xylophone on the Xmas tree

Yuppies on a yacht

Zipper on a Zoot Suit

Aardvarks in the atrium

Bazookas in the brassiere

Chickens in the coop

Nice one PSmith but A to W is fine. Then back to A :+1:

Donkeys in the doorway

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Eggs in the eyrie


Flounces in a fandango

Garlic in the goulash

Hats in the haberdashery.

IDIOTS in the institution

Jaguars in the jungle

Kookaburras in the Kasbah

lingerie in the laundry

Muffins in the microwave

Naughtiness in the nineties

Orangutans in the orangery