Another great rant from Mr Oliver :thumbup:

I have always enjoyed watching/listening to Neil and in this latest rant, I felt he was on my wavelength :+1::clap:


Absolutely brilliant LongDriver. A few home truths that will be scoffed at by those with their heads in the sand…But actually spot on. Democracy in the UK is an illusion while ever the two parties change hands between each other in an ever deception of the British public.


Wonder if the late Queen was persuaded to accept the end rather than step aside for her son. Gawd help us all. The abyss between the public and politicians gets wider with no way back.

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What? What? Neil Oliver has a show? @LongDriver, I now owe you an immense favor; thank you for this info.

You see, I already had a wicked enough crush on Neil, thanks to his documentaries and that swoon-worthy accent, but now I’m a goner for sure. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

There is always someone who will try to to strip us of our freedoms (and culture, and language, and families, heritage, and right to live (DNRs)… and gaslight you about who you are…). It is most insidious when it comes from within in the form of politicians and the cabal of influence they create (I am looking at you, Dr. Fauci).

The one thing my boyfriend failed to mention was the flaw and damage that it cause when were told to “Trust the science.” Every scientist will tell you is that every single peer-reviewed study ends with the recommendation conduct further studies to challenge the accuracy of their work. In other words, never trust the science…in addition to politicians.

I am still so spitting mad over things that were said at the D-Day commemoration that I still can’t talk about it, but I am glad my fiancé brought up Trudeau and his minions.

Oh, and you hang right on to your heritage and culture, and wave your flag while you are at it.

I’ll be sure invite you all to the wedding.


He has a full hour slot on GBNews every Sunday at 6pm.
GBNews broadcasts on Freeview CH236 and of course via Youtube.

I am not an expert, but I thought the climate crisis affects the gulf stream which normally keeps Britain a bit warmer than some parts of Nth Europe. This discussion reminds me of a radio phone in I heard as a child on one of the Saturday morning programmes. Mr Angry arguing with children as to why he asserted the sun is cold.

The rest of the discussion is pretty much the standard spiel that I hear over and over about “elites”, Covid vaccine conspiracies and all that is missing is the theory about politicians being alien lizards in human skins…

I have nothing against Mr Oliver who is very accomplished, but to me he is just another member of the “elites” and shouldn’t people think for themselves rather than sing from the same hymn sheet conspiracy droning? Yes the world we live in is not perfect but let’s have different views on why, rather than just repeating what seems to be an endless anxiety-soothing mantra of covid, elites, climate. I totally agree about electric cars and lithium mining, family values etc but his valid points are drowned by the noise of the mantra.

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Good points, Annie. He might have been well-served by breaking this up into smaller parts. The self-educated folks are waving the consipiracy theories away like flies, but from them (reading Covid vaccines) has come some truth grounded in common sense and statistics. The trick is separating the wheat from the chaff, which takes a lot of critical reading and thinking these days.

To your good point, it appears that these monologues are embedded in entire episodes that allow further discussion. In another episode I thought it was refreshing that there were guests discussing and rebutting different viewpoints.

Good chatting.