A French Case (The Murder of Little Gregory) - C4 - 6-Part Series with Subtitles

From Walter Presents comes a thrilling French drama based on a true crime. When four-year-old Gregory is murdered, his devastated parents, the police and the judiciary are tested to their limits.

A French Case is a thrilling suspenseful series that focuses on the events surrounding the death of little Gregory. For the past 35 years, this momentous unresolved investigation has marked a turning point in the media and judicial system in France.

October 16th 1984: Gregory, a 4-year-old boy goes missing. Hours later, he’s found dead in the Vologne River, wrists and ankles bound. For years preceding the murder of little Gregory, the family Villemin was persecuted with phone calls and letters from a mysterious person(s) named ‘The Crow’. Jealousy and envy were at the heart of these threats in a small town where everyone knows everyone and half the town is family.

Following each character individually, this series will reveal human tragedy in the small village of Eastern France where the destinies of victims, suspects, journalists, investigators and judges all become entangled.

Based on the events of:

So, unbelievable but true … :open_mouth:

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